Welcome to Color Psychology Meaning. The study of color psychology and the meaning of colors covers many different areas, from business and branding, symbolism, spiritual and mystical meanings, to our personal tastes and choices. This includes color choices of our clothes, phones, cars and the interior design of our homes.

What are the influences that colors have on our minds, emotions and personalities? Often using a combination of color psychology and personality psychology to bridge the gap between color and personality. Some of the information here is science and fact based, other information and ideas are working theory or hypothesis.

Color psychology meaning & symbolism.

There is more and more research being done by psychologists on the psychological influences of color on the mind. The importance of color in our lives is becoming more obvious, and you might be surprised by how much color can influence the way we act and think.

What is your Favorite Color?

Why is it your favorite color and what does it say about you? Maybe your personality traits are related or connected to your favorite color in some way. The color pages on this website go into the personality traits, meanings and influences of the various different colors.

Blue Meaning & Personality

Blue is a calming color that can increase concentration and creativity. Blue is associated with confidence, conservative, conventional, intelligence, masculinity and trust.

Red Meaning & Personality

Red can increase physical energy, aggression, make us more alert, gains attention and it can have intimidating influences. Red is associated with danger, evil, passion and determination.

Yellow Meaning & Personality

Yellow can be uplifting, increase optimism, general positive emotions, energy and analytical thinking. Yellow is associated with joy, sun, vacations and being social.

Green Meaning & Personality

Green is tranquil, relaxing and makes us want to experience nature. Green is associated with knowledge, balance, health, money, ambition, plant life, envy and greed.

Purple Meaning & Personality

Purple can encourage deep inward thinking and self reflection. Purple is associated with royalty, intuition, luxury, performance art, spirituality and mysteriousness.

Orange Meaning & Personality

Orange can increase energy levels, physical and mental and general positive emotions. Orange is associated with warmth, excitement, cheerful, being sociable and spontaneous.

Pink Meaning & Personality

Pink can encourage comforting feelings, empathy and expression of emotions. Pink is associated with nurturing, compassion, playfulness, youth, immaturity and the feminine.

As well as the above colors, you will also find pages dedicated to the various different popular shades and tints. Including the color psychology meaning of Maroon, Scarlet, Turquoise, Navy Blue, Teal, Lavender, Ebony, Beige, Amber, Khaki, Indigo, Magenta, Taupe, Chartreuse, Salmon & Coral, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and more.

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Meaning & Psychology of our Color Choices

The influence that color has is not something that many of us think about, yet it does influence us every day. Our mood or personality can determine the color of the clothes we choose to wear each day, the color of the car that we drive, the color that we paint our walls or the color of the furniture in our houses.

For some people, colors can be fascinating and choosing the right colors for certain situations or designs becomes very important. Some of us can use up a great deal of mental energy deciding on color schemes and combinations.

Colors also allow us to express our individuality. We can choose to be unique by wearing different colors. Colors can even be used to show different levels of authority and status.

Business & Branding

Some colors are believed to have a great influence on work productivity, concentration, memory and morale. The design and color scheme of work areas (color psychology) is becoming an ever more important factor in office design and other work areas. Color psychology with regards to marketing and branding and website design is obviously very important.

Color Theory & Science

This website also looks into color theory and the science behind how we see color. Covering the following areas, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, RGB, RYB and CMY color models, warm, cool and analogues colors. How colors are interpreted by the eyes and brain, color blindness and various interesting facts about color.

Symbolism, Spiritual & Mystical

You will also find articles connected to the spiritual symbolism and meanings of color, cultural and religious meanings. Including birthstone, rainbow, aura color meanings and color therapy and healing.

The pages on this website will go into detail about individual colors and their influences on our minds. Plus other color psychology, color science and general color related articles. You can also use the search function to help you find what you’re looking for.

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