Understanding Color Terminology

Color terminology is more complicated, confusing and varied than it would at first seem. This article is a guide to a basic understanding of color terminology. Hue, shade, tint and tone, what do all these actually mean? Understanding Color Terminology Color Theory – Color theory is the science and developments in the understanding of colors. […]

What is Color Blindness & What Causes it?

What is color blindness or color deficiency, does it effect men and women equally, what colors does it prevent people from seeing and what are the causes of it? What is Color Blindness? People who suffer with color blindness or (color vision deficiency) are not actually completely blind to color. This is why the term […]

Meaning & Symbolism of Colors in Art

What are the meanings and symbolism of colors in art work, and the motivations behind the color choices of artists? Including abstract, portrait and landscape. Artists often use colors in subtle ways, yet strategically used to gain and create certain reactions and effects at the unconscious level. Artists use colors to influence our emotions, and […]

Why Are Stars Different Colors?

Space is vast, very cold, very scary but also beautiful, and it is full of objects that emit light/wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in all the colors of the spectrum. One of these objects is Stars. Stars are massive, very hot and they come in a variety of different sizes and colors, why is this? Why […]