What color is bronze, plus what is its symbolism and meaning including color and material or metal. Also looking into its psychology and influences and what does it say about your personality if you like bronze? Also including Hex codes.

Color bronze is a metallic brown, based on the metal or alloy of the same name. Bronze has been used in the English language in conjunction with the color since the mid 18th century. Bronze is traditionally the metal that’s awarded for coming third place in the Olympics and other sporting events. In the UK, Gold, Silver and Bronze is used in the emergency services to represent differing levels of authority and duties. They’re often used to represent a hierarchy in various different ways, for example, product and contract pricing plans and packages.

Color Bronze HEX Codes & Symbolism

Bronze color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

The main variations are Antique Bronze which has a slight green/olive tint to it. Blast-off Bronze is another, which has a more reddish influence. 

Color Bronze Meaning & Interior Design

What sort of personality chooses the color bronze? Bronze has been used fairly commonly in interior design throughout history, however not so much in modern times. Bronze meaning, it is a traditional metal and color which implies stability and dependability, and it’s somewhat a conservative choice. It also emanates elegance, character and warmth, if the goal is to achieve a prestigious and luxurious look and feel, it would imply they want to be seen as high status and important, perhaps powerful.

Choosing bronze for interior design suggests a love for elegance, this could be out of personal pride or personal meanings/associations. It could also suggest a desire to be seen as elegant and sophisticated by others, so more of an external focus. Bronze is a less flashy/expensive color or metal than gold or silver which likely suggests a more reserved personality, appearances are important to them, however it’s not excessive.

Other personality traits for those who like bronze are, industriousness, so hard working, and they want to reap the rewards for that work, this suggests a motivation for achievement seeking. They’re also likely to place high importance on wanting order and organisation, and being dutiful and disciplined.        

Color Bronze Combinations

Colors that go with Bronze.

Colors that combine well with bronze are other shades of brown/wood tones, white and off white shades like ivory, black and dark gray. Other colors like dark shades of green could also work well depending on the amounts used.   

Psychology & Influences – Bronze being a shade of brown has comforting and relaxing influences, so ideal for interior design. It also represents stability and safety which could potentially be influencing associations.