Cobalt Color Meaning

Cobalt is a popular darker shade of blue. This page will look into the history and application of the color, plus the meanings and psychological influences that it may have on some individuals.

Cobalt Origins

The cobalt color is the result of cobalt monoxide and alumina being manipulated, compressed and heated in such a way which results in the cobalt pigment.

Cobalt Color Hex

Throughout history cobalt blue has been a popular color for Paint, Jewelry, Glass and Chinese Porcelain. The pigment of cobalt was first created independently in the west from its origins in China, the date of which it was first used in Chinese porcelain is uncertain.

However in France the pigment was discovered in 1802 by Jacques Thenard. The color is sometimes referred to as Thenards blue. Records suggest the first use of the name cobalt being assigned to the color in English was around 1770 – 1780. The pigment is also believed to be toxic, so proper measures need to be taken when dealing with it.

Meaning & Personality

Cobalt is a particularly popular shade of blue, once referred to as a divine color by Vincent Van Gogh. Many people wouldn’t be able to differentiate between cobalt and regular blue, It would take a certain type of person to truly appreciate and notice the difference of the shade. This would be a person that was sensitive to aesthetics, that picks up on subtle differences, and those differences are important to them. This would be a person that appreciates art and beauty, likely favors abstract art.

It would also likely suggest a person that was very in tune with their intuitive side, often relying on their sixth sense, seeing patterns and making connections between things. Cobalt lovers would likely have similar traits to the conventional blue personality, such as reserved and introverted. When you combine introversion and intuition you get a temperament that sees things and thinks in unique ways.

This requirement for uniqueness often manifests itself in the external world and the way they express themselves. You will see this in the way they dress, interior design and other outward expressions, perhaps in jewelry, unique clothing and tattoos. The personality of cobalt is also one that likes the mysterious, spiritual and the unknown.      

Psychology & Influences

  • Cobalt is a sedating color which reduces physical energy.
  • Like blue it can also lower or suppress emotional energy.
  • Similar to indigo, it’s a deep color which promotes deep thinking and intuition.
  • Cobalt helps with concentration and creative thinking.