Gold Color Meaning & Personality

What is the meaning, common associations and psychology of the color gold, plus what does it say about your personality if you love to wear gold jewelry, or if your favorite color or material is gold?

Gold is the color of wealth and class, it’s confident, perhaps too confident, boarding on arrogant and egotistical.

Color gold meaning & affects

Gold is flashy, rich and extravagant, it is the ultimate color to symbolize luxury. It is also linked to divinity, gold has much importance in Christianity, it has similar meanings as the color white, meaning purity and the light of day. Other religions often display gold as it associates with knowledge, wisdom and learning. Gold like purple is also associated with royalty.

Universally gold is valued and related to money and prestige. Whether we are talking about a gold bar, gold pen or a gold paint job it implies the same thing, wealth and high status.

Gold is also linked to success and winning, coming first place and winning a gold medal for example.

Meaning of Wearing Gold

Gold is often used and displayed in the jewelry and the watches that we wear. To wear or display gold could suggest that someone was very much interested in social status and showing off their wealth. How others perceive them is important to them. It would indicate that they are outward thinking, perhaps seeking approval and trying to impress others.

Gold is a very flashy color or metal which can gain attention, so the wearer would more than likely be out going and extroverted, socially confident. It could also suggest someone is prideful of their wealth and accomplishments.

Personality if you Love Gold

  • You are a positive and ambitious person, this is an attractive trait that draws in and influences others.
  • You have a desire for luxury, whether it be a luxury home, car or accessorizes.
  • You are friendly, extroverted and you like to be the center of attention.
  • You have a high desire to succeed, you don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen, you go out and get it.
  • You have above average knowledge and wisdom, and you are happy to share that knowledge with others.
  • You have a clear focus on what you want in life. You build strong boundaries for acceptable behaviors and you don’t tolerate those that go beyond those boundaries.
  • You can sometimes be arrogant, and your ambitions can be unrealistic which can lead to failures and mistakes.
Gold Color Personality

Positive Influences


Gold symbolizes wealth, success and luxury which can influence us to achieve such things.


Gold is believed to inspire us to seek greater knowledge and understanding.


It encourages us to share wealth, wealth in money and also wealth of knowledge.

Negative Influences


Gold is the ultimate in materialistic possessions, it can encourage the pursuit of materialistic things to gain self worth.

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