What is the meaning of the color green, also looking into the psychology, symbolism, what influences and associations does it have, and if green is your favorite color, what does it mean in regards to your personality and motivations?

Also covering the color green in business, branding and logo designs, expressions or phrases, the meaning of green gemstones and how they connect with the heart chakra, facts, quotes, and common uses.

Color Green Meaning & Symbolism

Green color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

The color green is the color of nature, growth, life and health. See things that are green in nature. Green is often used for the packaging of natural health products, it also implies safety. When we think of green it also triggers thoughts of peace, harmony and calmness. It’s also believed to create a balance between emotions and the logical mind.

In Christianity, green is symbolic of resurrection and immortality. It signifies the beginning of something new. Green is also one of the two most important colors of Christmas.

In Ireland, green is the color of the national flag and considered good luck. The Irish have also associated green with magic, and the supernatural Leprechaun creature. In Asia, especially east Asian countries, the color green is commonly associated with immortality and new beginnings, also with connections to youth and prosperity. Green in China has connections to being unfaithful to a partner. In Mexico, green represents the color of independence.

The color green is one of my favorite colors, and at the same time, it’s also one of my least favorite colors depending on the shade. It’s not a very popular color for interior design or cars, especially dark green, as it can appear dull and unattractive. Dark green, like dark blue, is a serious none attention seeking color, which is often used for uniforms and equipment in the military.

Wearing Green Meaning or Owning a Green Car

Dark green is not a color that attracts attention, suggesting someone is not seeking to be noticed. They are more likely to be reserved and serious in character, not caring too much about their appearance and they value their privacy and alone time. It could also suggest conventional or conservative thinking, with a natural impulse to keep with traditions.

Lighter shades of green could suggest a strong desire to be unique, with an intuitive personality. Lighter shades would show a greater interest in appearances and aesthetics. It could suggest a more outgoing and creative personality that gains energy from external stimuli.

Nature green photography.

Personality if Green is your Favorite Color

You look for balance in your life, and you seek a stable mindset and way of thinking.

You are a naturally generous and caring person. You often put other people’s needs before your own.

You have a love for nature and all things natural.

You think a great deal before you act, not what you would call impulsive.

You find it hard to hide your true feelings, you are fairly easy to read, you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Your personal ethics and your moral standards are very important to you, you have a natural impulse to do the right thing.

You like to learn, and you normally pick up things very quickly.

You know yourself well, and you don’t like being told what to do, naturally resist authority.

You like to develop new ideas and concepts, but the details and the execution of those ideas is something that you struggle with.

Green personality.

Green Personality Summary: Reserved, peaceful and at one with the natural world. The color green is also emotional, focuses on the big picture, cares a great deal about the planet and the creatures that live on that planet.

Positive Traits & Influences


Green is linked to an emotional response to feeling safe and secure. The green traffic light signals it’s safe to cross the road.


Surgeons and paramedics often wear green. It promotes health, well-being and the power of healing. Natural health companies often use green as part of their logo and products.


The color green encourages a quest for knowledge and understanding. It’s the color of wisdom and all seeing.


Like blue, the color green encourages peace and tranquility.

Negative Associations


In America, the color green is often associated with the color of money, which is not bad in itself. However, the desire for wealth can lead to an obsession for wealth which becomes greed.


The color green is commonly associated with the emotion of jealously.

Business & Branding

Green is often used for branding and logo designs. It’s often used by businesses connected to or wanting to project health, or want to represent something natural or organic. Any business or organization that has connections to the great outdoors or wildlife naturally often has the color green in their logos. Companies and products that wish to project freshness, cleanliness and tranquility will often include green.

Examples include:

  • Holland & Barrett
  • Starbucks
  • Wimbledon
  • Masters Golf Tournament
  • Holiday Inn
  • Land Rover
  • Subway
  • tic tac
  • Garnier
  • Xbox
  • Monster
  • Greenpeace
  • Whatsapp
  • Spotify

Meaning of Green Gemstones

Green gemstones.

The most well-known green gemstone is the emerald. It’s also one of the most expensive. Others include the green tourmaline, green garnet, the jade stone and many more.

Green gemstones are linked to the heart chakra. This is connected to healing and maintaining our equilibrium, and, naturally, the heart chakra is connected to all matters of the heart, including the romantic side of our lives. Generally, they have connections to attaining tranquility, and with strong links to the planet’s ecology.

Common Uses

  • Traffic light signals, this includes road signals, as-well as trains and ships.
  • The stock market and trading up and down signals.
  • Military equipment and uniforms.
  • Environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Signs that point to safety, for example some countries use green for their fire exit signs.

Interesting Facts

The color green is one of the three additive (Light) primary colors, known as the RGB color model.

It’s also a secondary color on the subtractive RYB model, with paint, green is created by mixing blue and yellow. What colors make green?

Green has a medium wavelength of around 530 nm on the visible spectrum.

The color green has more tints and shades than any other color. This is why night vision goggles use a green display.

Green after blue is the number two most popular favorite color.

After the London BlackFriars Bridge was painted the color green, the suicides on that bridge reportedly dropped by over a third.

Popular Phrases or Expressions

Green with envy or Green-eyed monster: Both connected to a meaning of jealousy.

Turn green: Often used for someone that looks unwell.

Greener pastures: Means something new, or something improved has or will come.

Green thumb: People who have the touch when it comes to plants and their growth. In the UK this phrase is most commonly known as green fingers.

Give someone the green light: Get the approval or permission to move ahead with something.

As green as grass: It means either that something is very green, or it can be used to refer to someone being inexperienced or naive.

Where on God’s green Earth: It means where are you going to get something from, suggesting it would be difficult to achieve.

To be green around the gills: To look unwell or ill.

Shades of Green

Shades of Green Hex

More shades of green with HEX and RGB color codes.

Dark Green – Linked more to money/greed, ambition, traditional, conventional, and seriousness.

Light Green – Associated with knowledge, cleanliness, life, energy, wisdom, and fairness.

Color Green Quotes

Oscar Wilde, Green Quote.
Green is the prime color of the world, Quote.


  1. Definitely me, I love green I actually realize that it’s my colour at the beginning of this year. It describes so well.

  2. emerald green is my tigress colour and that wont change. Lets go green my people. its awesome oooooh

  3. Green being associated with money mostly only works in the States. Most other counties have a variety of very bright, cheery colors.

  4. Green’s my top fave of colours. Been so since I saw forests including jungles on TV. A grand colour.
    Emerald green’s grand. So lovely, and call after those green gemstones famous for being which the Emerald City of Oz be forge from.
    Jade’s a grand green as well. Name after a strong gemstone, famously use by China. And link to healers.
    Olife’s a grand green as well. A grand one fitting the army, and also fitting things connect to the wyld.
    Mint’s a nice form of light green, especially on ladies. So’s lime and chartreuse.
    Bottle green’s a grand form of dark green, especially on certain clothes.
    Yep. Green be my top colour.

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