Color Lavender – Lilac

Lavender vs Lilac, what is the difference between the two colors and what is the meaning and psychology behind these colors? Do they have psychological influences?

Lavender vs Lilac

Lavender and Lilac are popular shades or variations of the color purple. Lavender is a light or pale purple with a blue tint. Lilac is also a light or pale purple however it has a pink tint to it.

Both colors are named after Lavender and Lilac flowers. Each colors also have their own shades and varieties, for example, Rich, Pale and Deep varieties.

Lavender & Lilac HTML Hex Codes

Lavender/Lilac Personality

Both colors have strong connections to femininity. They’re caring, emotional and naturally nurturing colors. They often place the needs of others before their own, especially Lilac. Lilac is somewhat immature due to its pinkish appearance.Lavender & Lilac Flowers

They’re friendly, often ready and happy to lend a helping hand, agreeable temperament and actively avoids confrontation.

They’re also open minded, open to suggestions, different ways of thinking and ideas. This openness can sometimes lead to being indecisive.

Lavender is more closely linked to intuition and mystery. Lavender is inward thinking, not naturally living in the moment, preferring to indulge in day dreaming or deep thinking, perhaps spiritual thinking. Lavender is fascinated with the unknown and the supernatural. If you like lavender you’re also likely to have creative tenancies.

Lilac is more outward thinking, preferring to live in the moment. Lilac is also friendly, playful with a stronger focus on people and being sociable.

Both colors are unique and somewhat unconventional, suggesting if either was your favorite color, or if you like to wear either you have a desire to be unique and to go against the crowd. You also have a desire to express your emotions, you prioritize this desire of expression above caring about the opinions of others.


  • Lavender encourages spiritual thinking, creativity and has calming and soothing influences.
  • Lilac encourages emotional expression, sometimes resulting in a lack of emotional control, it’s also believed to help reduce aggression and anti social behavior.