Magenta Color Meaning & Personality

What color is Magenta, also known as Fuchsia, and what is its meaning, psychology, influences, associations and what does it say about your personality if it’s your favorite color?

Magenta along with Cyan and Yellow is a primary color on the subtractive (CYM) color model, commonly used in modern color printing. Magenta is also a secondary color on the (RGB) additive color model.

CMY Color Magenta

What Color is Magenta?

Magenta is a purplish, pinkish color that has a few different versions. Magenta is created by mixing blue, light blue, violet and red.

The color Magenta used in printing named (printer’s magenta) is a slightly darker version of the color. It was first seen in the late nineteenth century in color printing. The name for the color came into use shortly after the (1859) Battle of Magenta, near the Italian town Magenta.

Web Magenta is often confused with the color Fuchsia. When it comes to web colors both have the same hex code, so they’re the same color with different names. However you will see differences in shades based on what part the world you’re in. For example Fuchsia is slightly different in parts of Europe than in American when it comes to defining the color on the RGB color model, and also in printing.

Web Magenta/Fuchsia is also known as Electric Magenta. Electric Magenta was the name often used for the color when referring to the colors used in computer displays in the 1980s.

Shades of Magenta include. Web/Fuchsia/Electric Magenta, Printer’s/Process Magenta and Hot Magenta.

Magenta Color Shades

Magenta has connections to the psychic world and psychic abilities. It is believed that being in the presence of magenta increases a person’s connection to their spiritual side and enhances any psychic abilities that they may have.

Magenta Personality

Magenta is unconventional that prides itself on being unique, it’s also a friendly and welcoming color. Magenta is also agreeable, very helpful and doesn’t like confrontation. Emotions are often expressed and open for all to see.

Magenta is a color that has strong connections to spirituality and intuitive thinking. An intuitive personality is not usually very practical, in fact, at times it can be anti practical, preferring ideas that appeal to them on an intuitive level rather than relying on practical, real world evidence to support a belief or idea.

Influences of Magenta

  • Encourages compassion and placing the needs of others before our own.
  • Promotes inward, intuitive non practical thinking.
  • Encourages emotional expression and emotional extroversion.
  • Magenta is believed to have relaxing influences and discourages aggression.
  • Magenta also encourages open-mindedness and to seek answers beyond what is considered to be normal and conventional.

Positive Word Associations

Spiritual, empathy, helpful, unselfish, unconventional, mysterious and creative.

Negative Word Associations

Non practical, irrational, submissive, non assertive and over emotional.

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