The color orange, what are its symbolic meanings and associations, and how does it influence us? Plus, if orange is your favorite color, or if you choose to wear or display it, what does that say about your personality?

Also, looking into and including the meaning of orange gemstones, how orange is used in branding and logos, popular idioms or expressions, and listing some interesting facts about the color orange.

Color Orange Meaning & Symbolism

The meaning and symbolism of the color orange.

Its associations and meanings come from a combination of red and yellow, associations such as, sun, energy, vacation, warmth, paradise, and tropical locations. Orange gets its physical energy from red, and its fun and playful nature from yellow.

The color orange is an energetic color which gives us both mental and physical energy. It is often used on sportswear and energy drinks due to its connections to physical energy. It’s also linked to health and healthy foods like oranges, carrots, and peppers. It’s also the color of fire, so it’s associated with heat. The color orange has connections to Autumn, the leaves turning orange in fall, and also pumpkins, so it has obvious connections to Halloween. See the orange things in nature page for more.

In Thailand, and some other southeast Asian countries, orange is worn by monks, and is associated with that which is sacred. In Holland, orange is associated with royalty, orange is worn and displayed in celebration of the royal family.

Orange is a color of liberation, Quote.

Wearing Orange Meaning

The color orange is definitely not a common color that people wear. If somebody was to wear orange it would probably be done in small amounts, subtlety, perhaps an orange watch or scarf.

Orange is an attractive color, however, too much of it could show a lack of dress sense or taste. Definitely, too much of it would indicate that a person was very inward thinking, unconventional and doesn’t pay much attention to the opinions of others.

Self-expression would probably be very important to them, and to do things their own way. It could also suggest an extroverted personality, not afraid of attention, perhaps an attention-seeking and sociable person.

Personality if Orange is your Favorite Color

You are extroverted and friendly. You like meeting new people and being sociable.

You are a positive thinking person, an optimist, ambitious with high energy levels.

You are at your most comfortable being around other people. Being around others is how you best relax and recharge your batteries.

Your mind is almost always in the present moment, rarely reflecting on the past, and you have a strong eye for the details.

In your pursuit of social status, you can sometimes become hurtful and uncaring to others.

Because of your love for being social, you find it difficult to stay loyal and committed to a particular person.

You can sometimes be self-indulgent, egotistical with little consideration for the feelings of others.

Orange color personality and affects.

There is an alternative personality for those who consider the color orange a favorite color. This personality is mostly the complete opposite of the extroverted sociable personality. This personality is introverted and creative, and greatly appreciates art and beauty. This personality is intuitive and inward thinking, often living in their own fantasy land, so not naturally observant. Their personal expression is also more important to them than fitting in. They are not naturally seeking the opinions or the approval of others.

Positive Influences


Orange is fun, playful and has positive and uplifting influences on us.


Like red, orange is energetic. However, it promotes more mental energy and creativity, unlike red, which is more physical energy.


The color orange is believed to increase our desire for social interaction, making it an extroverted color.

Negative Influences


Because of the need for fun and social interaction, things like loyalty, honesty and integrity are less of a priority, making it a less trustworthy color.


Because of its influences on energy, optimism and fun, it can lead to overconfidence or hubris. This can lead to mistakes.

Business & Branding

Many companies use the color orange in their branding and logos. Commonly, orange is used in products that are aimed at children due to the orange color association with fun, energy, and play. It may also be used simply because of its ability to grab attention.


  • Nickelodeon
  • Fanta
  • Orange
  • Rockstar
  • VLC
  • WNBA
  • Shutterfly
  • Gulf
  • TNT
  • Home Depot
  • Hooters
  • FireFox
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Master Card

Meaning of Orange Gemstones

Orange Gemstone Meaning.

Orange gemstones are just color variations of more commonly known gemstones. Including the orange diamond, citrine, zircon, sapphire, garnet and what is known as the fire opal.

The meaning of orange gemstones relates to the sacral or belly button chakra. This links to creative self-expression, matters of sexuality, and our emotional states.

Common Uses

  • Color orange is often used in safety clothing (high visibility vests), equipment and signs due to its brightness and ability to gain attention.
  • Car indicator turning lights and traffic signals.
  • Nasa space suits are orange,(international orange) was chosen because it is one of the most visible colors for sea rescues.

Interesting Facts

The color orange is a secondary color on the (RYB) color model, and it’s created by mixing red and yellow. What colors make orange.

In the visible spectrum, it has a wavelength of around 610 nm.

Orange was often used and very popular with Vincent Van Gogh.

Carotene is the orange pigment found in plants and vegetables. It’s why many fruits and vegetables, including carrots are orange.

Color Phrases or Expressions

Apples and Oranges: Used when expressing that two things are very different.

Squeeze an orange: To make the most out of, or to squeeze every little bit out of something.

To go gathering orange blossoms: This phrase means to search for a wife.

Shades of Orange

12 Shades of orange color and Hex.

More shades of orange with HEX and RGB color codes.

Light Orange – Linked to vitality, extroversion, positive emotions, confidence, and high self esteem.

Dark Orange – Associated with hubris/over confidence, pride, and aggression.


  1. Boy, my favorite color is definitely a dark shade of orange but everything here describes the polar opposite of me. Accept the eye for detail.

    1. These are the most common associations with the color orange. However, there could be many reasons why it’s your favorite color.

      For example, aesthetic sensitivity which is linked to creativity, also personal, past associations. Plus, preferring darker shades also moves away from the extroverted associations.

  2. I really like your comment about orange giving us mental and physical energy, as well as being a positive and playful color. I have been trying to use color psychology to try and make my house’s decorations more uplifting and cheerful. Using orange sounds like it would really help m stay energized, even if I only used a little bit!

  3. The couple months leading into winter when pumpkins are everywhere in the world are the months that engender the greatest warmth, love, and connection, with family, friends, neighbors.
    When pumpkins sit arrayed in Choral-like fashion adorning storefronts and roadside stands, you know that family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, reunions, and surprises of all kinds are soon to be enjoyed.
    I love Orange anyways because of the uplift in spirit and energy it provides. During creative slumps or social doldrums, Orange is the way to go for relief.
    A little orange added to a room (not a lot) is just the prescription to motivate and re-engage a person.
    Orange is good people.

  4. Wow, this couldn’t be more wrong. I love orange, but I’m an awkward introvert who cares too much about what others think. I don’t get along with sociopathic extroverts who often hurt and manipulate people to get their way. Liking a color won’t give people a clue to your personality. Nice try, but this attempt was SO wrong.

    1. The color orange is probably the most difficult color to connect to a personality, and with this type of thing there will always be exceptions. There are legitimate connections in the world of psychology to things like color preferences and personality traits.

      There are actually many people that think that they are introverts. However, their awkwardness and shyness can be explained by being high in a trait called Neuroticism, which includes anxiety and self-consciousness. So we are not always what we think we are.

      Thanks for visiting.

  5. I enjoy orange. Such an uplifting colour. Peach be a nice form, as be tangerine. Coral be a nice one connect to the wild. My personal fave be ginger, colour of ginger which form certain foods Mum and I enjoy including ginger biscuits.

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