Color Orange

Color Orange PsychologyThe color orange, what does it mean and how does it influence us? Plus if orange is your favorite color what does it say about your personality?

Orange comes from the mix of yellow and red and it is associated with a combination of those two colors, associations such as, sun, energy, vacation, warmth, paradise and tropical locations. Orange gets its physical energy from red and its fun and playful nature from yellow.

Orange is an energetic color which gives us both mental and physical energy. It is often used on sportswear and energy drinks due to its connections to physical energy. It’s also linked to health and healthy foods like oranges, carrots and peppers.

What does it mean to wear orange

Orange is definitely not a common color that people wear, if somebody was to wear orange it would probably be done in small amounts, subtlety, perhaps an orange watch or scarf. Orange is an attractive color however too much of it could show a lack of dress sense or taste, definitely too much of it would indicate that a person was very inward thinking, unconventional and doesn’t pay much attention to the opinions of others. Self expression would probably be very important to them and to do things their own way. It could also suggest an extroverted personality, not afraid of attention, perhaps an attention seeking and sociable person.

Is orange your favorite color? if so this is what it says about your personality.

  • You are extroverted and friendly. You like meeting new people and being sociable.
  • You are a positive thinking person, an optimist, ambitious with high energy levels.
  • You are at your most comfortable being around other people, it’s how you best relax and recharge your batteries.Color orange meaning & influences
  • Your mind is almost always in the present moment, rarely reflecting on the past and you have a strong eye for the details.
  • In your pursuit for social status you can sometimes become hurtful and uncaring to others.
  • Because of your love for being social you find it difficult to stay loyal and committed to a particular person.
  • You can sometimes be self indulgent, egotistical with little consideration for the feelings of others.

Positive affects and influences of orange


Orange is fun, playful and has positive and uplifting influences on us.


Like red, orange is energetic, however it promotes more of a mental energy and creativity, unlike red which is more physical energy.


Orange is believed to increase our desires for social interaction, making it an extroverted color.

Negative influences/affectsColor Orange Personality & Affects


Because of the need for fun and social interaction, things like loyalty, honesty and integrity are less of a priority, making it a less trust worthy color.

Over confidence

Because of its affects on energy, optimism and fun it can lead to over confidence or hubris, which can lead to mistakes.

Shades of orange

Light orange – vitality, confidence, self esteem.

Dark orange – hubris, opportunity.










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