Purple & Violet Color Meaning & Personality

What is the meaning, psychology and associations of the color purple/violet and how do these colors influence us? Is purple or violet your favorite color, if so what does it say about your personality and psychological motivations?

Purple is often associated with mystery, magic, sorcerers, nobility and royalty. It also has strong connections with power and leadership. Purple is also a very powerful and rich color which also has associations with extravagance and wealth.

Color Purple & Violet Meaning

Purple/Violet are attractive colors and universally liked, however they are particularly favored by women and often associated with femininity and female traits.

Wearing Purple or Violet

Wearing purple or violet probably indicates an inward thinking person and self gratitude takes priority. They don’t care too much about what other people think when it comes to dress sense or fashion. Inward thinkers tend to be more independent people with a greater need to control their own life and destiny. It may also suggest a need for individuality and to express that individuality.

Wearing violet could suggest someone is looking to stand out, perhaps gain attention. Wearing purple would indicate a more introverted personality with a desire to express themselves.

Personality if Purple or Violet is a Favorite Color

You find it hard to accept ideas or beliefs that are different from your own.

You spend a lot of time in your own head thinking, living in your own fantasy world, not paying attention to details or the time and you are often late.

You have high expectations for yourself and others, however this can lead to critical thinking if people are not living up to your expectations.

You like luxury items and you aspire to have the very best.

You like to be independent and you don’t like to ask for help. Sometimes your pride can get out of hand, you can find it difficult to admit when you made a mistake.

You have idealistic views about the world, which are not always very practical.

You are very spiritual and perhaps consider yourself to have psychic abilities.

Due to your sensitive nature your feelings can be easily hurt, however because you are often prideful you don’t show it.

Color Purple Personality & Affects

Positive Influences & Traits


like blue, purple is a calming color that can help to make wise and thoughtful decisions.


Purple/Violet are believed to influence and encourage us to show empathy and love.


Purple is associated with seeking dignity and self respect.

Negative Influences


Purple is spiritual, believing in the unknown, unproven and the unusual which can lead to irrational and impractical behaviors and ways of thinking.


Purple encourages suppression of emotions, which can build up and lead to stress and emotional bursts.

Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple

Light Purple – Romance, individuality, immaturity, sensitive, superficial, youthfulness and imagination.

Dark Purple – Sadness, uninspiring, traditional, intuition, spiritual and suppression of emotions.

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