Salmon & Coral Color Meaning

What is the difference between salmon and coral color, what psychological influences do they have, and what does it say about your motivations and personality if they’re a favorite color or if you like to wear either?

Color Salmon vs Coral HEX

Salmon color is a pinkish, orange color, named after the flesh of the salmon fish. The color of salmon fish does vary depending on its diet and geographical location. The name salmon being used as a color was first introduced and used in the mid 1770s.

The salmon color can vary from a very light or whitish orange or pink to a darker shade of pink. The most common shades are, Light Salmon, Pink Salmon and Dark Salmon.

Color Salmon Shades

Coral color tends to be a brighter pinkish, orange shade. Coral is generally considered a shade of orange. The name coral first used to describe the color dates back to the early 16th century.

Coral Pink and Light Coral are two different shades or variations of the color coral.

Shades of Color Coral, Pink & Light

Wearing Salmon or Coral Meaning

The color salmon works well with many skin tones, suggesting a love for the natural look. Those who go for the natural looking appearance probably have a desire for the natural in other areas of their life as well. They’re likely to focus on the basics such as family, friends and the necessities in life.

Coral is a stronger orange color, but a paler shade of orange overall. Many of the associations and meanings of orange would apply however in a more diluted form. It’s a brighter color that gains attention, which makes coral a more outgoing and social color.

Both salmon and coral are friendly and approachable colors, noticeable but subtle about it. It would suggest a more outgoing personality (especially coral) with a moderate need for attention and social interaction. They get stimulation from brighter colors, people and external stimuli in many forms.

Choosing either of these colors would suggest a desire to be unique, perhaps a tilting towards the unconventional. This desire to be different often stems from a preference for intuition, relying on their intuition or sixth sense to make decisions rather than the more practical and more common five sensors.

Psychology & Influences

  • Both salmon and coral are warm colors. Warm colors can actually make us feel warmer, encourage appetites and increase our energy levels.
  • Salmon may subtly encourage us to express our emotions and generally increase emotional energy.
  • Coral is more likely to encourage us to be outgoing, more social and increase physical energy.

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