What is the psychology, symbolism and the color turquoise meaning, also including the color cyan, what psychological effects can they have. Also, what does it say about your personality if one is your favorite color?

Color Turquoise and Cyan. Cyan is also known as Aqua, are created out of a combination of the colors blue and green, and their psychological influences are a mix of the two.

HEX & RGB Color Codes

Turquoise and cyan color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

Color Turquoise gets its name from the gemstone of the same name. Turquoise is french in origin and it means (Turkish). Turquoise was first used in connection with the color somewhere around the mid to late 16th century.

Color Cyan is a subtractive primary color on the (CMY Model) commonly used in color printers. Cyan is also a secondary color on the additive (RGB Color Model). It’s created by adding green and blue. Despite having the same name, the CMY and RGB versions of cyan are different tints, with the CMY version being a darker variation.

Wearing Color Turquoise Meaning

The color turquoise is very popular, many people like it, yet to see somebody wearing it in large amounts is very rare, despite it being an attractive color.

However, from a psychology and personality point of view, wearing the color turquoise may suggest an inward-thinking person, or a highly intuitive person that doesn’t spend a great deal of time living in the current moment.

Inward intuitive thinking people often see things differently, or more uniquely than most people. This unique thinking manifests itself in the external world. For example, in the colors that they choose to wear, plus other outward expressions and choices.

They’re more interested in doing their own thing and self-expression rather than trying to fit in with or follow the crowd. Even though they’re bright colors that stand out, a wearer would probably not be looking for attention, simply wishing to express themselves without looking for the approval or opinions of others.

Wearing the color cyan would be similar, but more exaggerated in its meanings.

Turquoise Personality if a Favorite Color

Your independence is important, you don’t like to rely on others for help, and you pride yourself on being self-sufficient. You often seek fulfillment in a spiritual sense, and you feel like you have lived far beyond your actual age. You have an ability to see things clearly and objectively, you don’t let personal biases affect your decisions or way of thinking.

Good organization is important to you, you feel calm when everything is in its place. You find focusing on one task at a time boring, you prefer to undertake multiple tasks. Because you are good at keeping calm, and you like to keep organized, you are a natural manager, others respect you because of your composed management style.

Color Combinations

Colors that combine with turquoise or cyan.

Shades that combine well with either the color turquoise or cyan, are black, gray, taupe and white. These would work very well with interior design.

Influences – The color turquoise and cyan promotes and encourages peaceful behaviors and calmness. They also encourage clear/rational thinking, thoughtfulness, cleanliness, hygiene, emotional control or repression of emotions. Cyan is also believed to have a negative impact on our sleep.

Negative Keywords

Conceited, selfish, aloof, boastful, unemotional, and egotistical.


  1. I don’t know what your favourite colour got to do with your personality but this says alot.

  2. Aqua/Cyan or the shade of Cyan that matches the Aqua color of the sea has always been my favorite color. Also Azure blue. This personality thing is actually dead on accurate! A little scary.

  3. And the type of person who looks up the personal meaning of a colour, any colour is spot on for this description.

    Like telling a person who researches tennis racquets online that they are a sporty person who likes individual competitive outdoor games.

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