This page is all about the color ebony and meaning, including Hex codes. How and where ebony is used, where does it come from, and is there any personality traits connected to liking the color, and are there any psychological influences?

Color Ebony

Ebony color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

The color ebony is considered a shade of black, however a slightly lighter shade/tint which has elements of brown included. Ebony color is named after ebony wood, which is a dense tropical wood originating from India and neighboring countries.

Due to its density it’s a very useful wood, it’s durable and often used for furniture and ornamental purposes, and perhaps most commonly known and used for chess pieces and piano keys. Records show that ebony was first used in the English language in connection with the shade in 1590. Ebony also has some ancient Egyptian origins.

While researching the color you will find two main versions of ebony. As shown, one is virtually the same as black with a slight tint of brown. The other resembles a more gray – green tint.

Color Ebony Meaning & Personality

The color ebony being a tint of black obviously shares many of its associations, however with the inclusion of brown, the associations such as prestige and elegance are especially important and elevated. It moves away somewhat slightly from pure blacks strongest associations of strength, power and professionalism.

This is a hypothesis of personality for those who are drawn to the Color Ebony. Ebony could be a preferable color or material with interior designing. Ebony is likely to be popular with those who seek status and material things. This is often someone who pays a great deal of attention to what others are doing, or what possessions they have, always comparing themselves to friends, family and their neighbors.

They also probably like gold as it has similar high status associations. These people are likely to be very observant to reality; this makes them pragmatic with somewhat conservative, perhaps traditional views. They tend to stick with the status quo, rarely venturing from the conventional. They are also likely to be ambitious, with desires to start a business, or to make investments, however they won’t risk a money making endeavor with an unconventional or unproven idea.        

Colors that Combine with Ebony

Colors that go with Ebony.

Ebony combines well with the shade of white (Ivory). Ivory is the white equivalent of ebony, this combination makes up the classic piano key colors. Going down the analogous route leads to the colors brown and gray. Depending on the shade these would complement ebony, these could work very well in various different design and creative endeavours.  

Influences & Psychology – The associations of the color ebony could influence us in certain ways, it may encourage professionalism and seriousness like pure black. It may also make us feel more prestigious, wealthy and perhaps powerful and in control. Depending on a person’s temperament it may cause a lack of energy, with others it may help with relaxation and generally feeling more comfortable.