This page includes a list of things that are orange in nature. It includes plants/flowers, animals and any natural phenomenon that produces orange.

Orange is energizing, upbeat, social, and it’s generally a color that is associated with positivity, youth, and fun.

Orange Things in Nature

Flowers & Plants

Rosa ‘Louis De Funes’

Rosa 'Louis De Funes'.

Named after the French comedian Louis De Funes. It’s referred to as a hybrid tea rose, and as you can see, it’s orange.


Orange Impatiens, touch-me-not.

Impatiens, also commonly called touch-me-nots. They are commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere. They produce very bright flowers that prefer partial or full-shaded areas.


Orange pansy flower.

Starting off with our orange things in nature list is with the pansy flower. This popular garden flower comes in a variety of colors, including orange.


Orange tulip.

Tulips are large flowers that bloom in the spring. They can be found in a variety of different colors, including red, yellow, white, purple, and orange.


Orange marigold flower.

There are a variety of different plants known as marigolds. They were originally native to various South American countries, but can be found beyond the region. They are usually red, yellow or orange in color.  


Orange Zinnia.

The Zinnia can be found in both North and South America, but more commonly, South America.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisy.

The Gerbera Daisy, also known as African daisies, and Barberton daisies. They are part of the Asteraceae family of plants.



The daylily, despite its name and appearance, is not actually classified as a lily. It has a different scientific classification. They are commonly yellow to orange in color.

Trumpet Vine

Orange trumpet vine.

The trumpet vine, also known as the trumpet creeper, is an attractive type of flowering plant that is native to North America.

Golden Poppy

Golden poppy.

The golden poppy, also known by its other name, the California poppy, is originally found in North and South America. As the name suggests, its flowers tend to have a gold to orange color.

Tree Leaves

Orange tree leaves of fall.

Many species of trees have leaves that turn dark red, yellow, and orange in the autumn months.

Orange Things – Animals



Tigers are the largest species of cat, and they are perhaps the most well known animal to have an orange coloration. They are one of the largest predatory mammals on the planet.


Maine coon cat.

Some of the smaller breeds, and some domesticated cats sport an orange coat of fur. Some examples include: Persian, Maine Coon, Turkish Angora, Munchkin, Scottish Fold, and the Bengal cat.


Gold fish.

The goldfish is a very common type of freshwater fish. They are extremely popular as aquarium pets.


Orange Koi.

The Koi, also known as Carp. They are a popular type of fish that is often kept in outside ponds. They can get quite large, growing up to 35 inches in length, and they can have a life span of about 35 years.


Orange canary.

The canary is a popular type of domesticated bird. Their coloration is usually a mix of yellow, orange, black, and white.


Orange Butterfly.

These pretty insects can be found in a variety of different colors, including orange.


Fox, orange things.

These omnivorous mammals are known for their orange fur. They are part of the Canidae family, along with wolves, coyotes, and domesticated dogs.


This strange and amazing creature is a type of mollusc. Their color changes to blend with the environment, including a brownish orange color.

Sun Parakeet

The sun parakeet is also known by its other name, the sun conure. It’s an attractively colored yellow to orange bird.    



Orange citrine gemstone.

Not all orange things in nature are alive. The citrine gemstones are mostly a pale to strong yellow. Depending on its elemental mixture, they can also be found with an orange to brown coloration.


Orange topaz.

The Topaz is a mixture of fluorine and aluminium. It’s classed as a mineral, but it’s often considered and used like a gemstone. They can be found in a variety of colors, including blue, red, pink, yellow and orange.

Fruits & Vegetables


Orange fruit.

Of all the orange things in nature, this is probably the most obvious; the very popular orange fruit, is, of course, orange in color.


Orange things, pumpkins.

The pumpkin is a large fruit, and it’s a type of squash. However, they are often cooked and prepared like vegetables, which is why some people consider them to be vegetables. The fresh and the seeds are the edible parts of the pumpkin. They have obvious connections to Halloween.



The carrot is a root vegetable and it is most commonly orange. However, they can also sometimes be yellow, red, purple, and black.


Grape fruit.

The grape fruit is a bitter to sour tasting citrus fruit, and its exterior skin is orange.



The papaya tends to have a yellow to orange coloration. Papaya is the name of the small tree that produces the fruit.



Apricots are a very tasty fruit, and they are native to many European countries.



These popular fruits are produced by the peach tree. Their colors range from red, yellow, and orange.  



Tangerines are popular citrus fruits that are orange, both inside and out.

Star Fruit

The star fruit, also known by the name carambola, is a tropical tree originating in Southeast Asia.


Mandarins, while similar to oranges, are classed as a different species. The mandarin is a small citrus fruit.

Other Orange Things in Nature


Orange things, honey.

Honey is a sweet edible substance made by honey bees. Honey can be described as having a golden orange color.  


Orange fire.

Fire is combustion, resulting from oxidation of a combustible substance. Fire is generally orange in color.


Orange sun light, rays.

The actual color of stars, including our sun, is white. This is because it produces all the colors of the spectrum evenly. However, it often appears yellow and orange to the human eye because our atmosphere filters out some of the wavelengths of light.



Amber is the color of tree sap resin. It can appear yellow, to a golden orange color.

Human Hair

People with strong ginger hair are sometimes called carrot tops, due to their hair color’s resemblance to the color orange. The hair color is usually more of a light brown than orange, but it can often appear orange.