What is the meaning and symbolism of scarlet red? We also take a look into the history of the color and its importance in the Bible and Christianity, and any possible influences and general psychology of the color.

What Color is Scalet? & Hex Color Codes

scarlet red meaning and symbolism.

Scarlet is generally considered a warm, vivid, intense bright red, but it’s nudging over slightly to orange on the color wheel. It’s also a popular color in fashion, particularly for formal dresses and accessories. It’s also used in branding and marketing to convey a sense of excitement, urgency, or luxury.

Scarlet Meaning & Symbolism

Scarlet red is commonly associated with passion, courage, love, and energy. It has been used in connection with the military, royalty and authority. It has been worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the British Household Cavalry, and the Bulgarian National Guards Unit.

In the Bible, scarlet is mentioned several times and is used to symbolically represent various concepts such as, redemption, royalty, sacrifice, and Christian martyrs. The color was also representative of the blood of Christ and was associated with sin. Scarlet is mainly symbolic of sin because of its connections to the Whore of Babylon, who is mentioned in the book of revelations.

In the Old Testament, scarlet was one of the colors of the tabernacle and was used to make the curtains and garments worn by the priests.

In the New Testament, scarlet is mentioned in connection with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. According to the Gospels, a scarlet robe was placed on Jesus before he was tortured by the Roman soldiers.   


If you like scarlet red, your personality is confident and dynamic. You are generally out-going, assertive and generally ruled by positive emotions. You thrive by being competitive. This desire for competition can either be for physical and mental activities, but your preference is for more outward-sensation-orientated challenges.

Color Combinations

color what go with scarlet red.

Colors that go with or combine well with scarlet include, white, black, taupe, tan, beige, and gray all look good. Different combinations will be more suited to different situations. So, some will be more suited to car or gaming computer design, while other combinations will be great for fashion and interior design.   

Psychology & Influences – Scarlet is a particularly powerful color. This will make it very good at gaining attention, enhancing alertness, and even reaction times. Studies have suggested that red can improve a person’s ability to notice details. This could be used to improve performance on certain tasks. Wearing red may alter a person’s perception. They could be perceived as being more confident, dominant, assertive, and perhaps aggressive.