Here you will find a list of the most common and popular tints and shades of red, including names, HEX and RGB color codes. This is a color resource that may help you find that tint or dark shade of red. Perhaps to be used individually, or perhaps to combine with other colors to achieve a desired effect or look for your website, logo or interior design project.

Shades of Red with Names and Hex Codes.

Red is the primary color that those who suffer with color blindness can struggle to see. Red signifies many things in the natural world, ranging from health to danger. While red can be striking and attention grabbing, it can also be difficult to see due to its short wavelength.

The most popular and well-known variations of red include dark shades like, Burgundy and Maroon, and attractive and striking reds like Scarlet and Ferrari.


HEX #FF0000

RGB 255 0 0

On the RGB model this is the strongest red, comprising of no other color, 255 Red, 0 Green, 0 Blue.

Shades of Red – Names & Color Codes

Light Red

HEX #FB4346

RGB 251 67 70

Dark Red

HEX #D50004

RGB 213 0 4



RGB 234 59 82

Desire red is a medium brightness variation which looks very much like a darker pink shade.


HEX #FF2500

RGB 255 37 0

Scarlet is a bright variation of red, with a slight orange tint to it. It sits between red and orange on the color wheel, however it’s more red than orange. Scarlet holds importance in Christianity, being symbolic for sacrifice, and the blood of Christ. It is the color worn by senior clergy members of the Roman Catholic Church. It was also a significant color during the days of the Roman Empire, Emperors often worn scarlet.

Candy Apple

HEX #FF0800

RGB 255 8 0

Candy Apple is a very strong and bright color, representing the red color of candy coated apples.


HEX #E12901

RGB 225 41 1

Ferrari red has an orange tint to it, making it one of the brighter and more energetic variations. Ferrari red, also known as racing red, was the color that all Italian race cars were colored, however Ferrari was the most successful. Each country had its own color associated to its race cars.


HEX #ED2939

RGB 237 41 57

Imperial is a strong red color, with a slight pinkish tinge to it. The Imperial red name was first assigned to the color and used in English in the early 20th century, 1914, according to records. It’s the color that represents the Imperial Standard of Napoleon I.



RGB 219 15 39

Ruby red represents the color of the gemstone; it has a pinkish purplish undertone to it.


HEX #D31A38

RGB 211 26 56

Raspberry red has a purplish/pinkish tone to it which resembles the color of the fruit.


HEX #C21A09

RGB 164 26 9

Chilli red is of course named after the chilli peppers, it’s a strong medium red.



RGB 186 17 12

Crimson is generally a darker, or deep shade of red, however some versions have an almost pinkish tinge to it.


HEX #90021F

RGB 144 2 31

Burgundy is a darker shade with a slight purple undertone to it.


HEX #800000

RGB 128 0 0

Maroon is one of the most popular shades of red, with a somewhat brownish appearance. See the Maroon and Burgundy color meanings page for more information on these shades.

Fire Brick

HEX #B22222

RGB 178 34 34

Fire Brick is a darker, and somewhat weaker shade or variation, resembling the color of red bricks.

Red Flower Color Palette.


HEX #B11226

RGB 177 18 38

Wine is a darker elegant shade, resembling a red brownish color.


HEX #730039

RGB 115 0 57

Merlot red is a dark shade, with a strong purple tone to it.


HEX #C04000

RGB 192 64 0

Mahogany is considered a red, however it has a strong influence of brown. It represents a common shade of mahogany wood.


HEX #990000

RGB 153 0 0

Berry is a strong and dark red shade, resembling the red berry.


HEX #800808

RGB 128 8 8

Blood red of course is meant to represent the dark red color that is blood.


HEX #8B171A

RGB 139 23 26

Jam is a dark red, with a slight pinkish influence to it.



RGB 142 30 29

Lipstick is a deep and darker variation, it’s a common color of lipstick.


HEX #7A2021

RGB 122 32 33

Garnet is a dark deep red shade, named after and resembling the color of the gemstone.


HEX #8F1923

RGB 143 25 35

Current is a darker red variation with a very slight pinkish influence showing through.


HEX #E34234

RGB 227 66 52

Vermilion, made from the mineral cinnabar is bright red with a slight orange tinge. It was often used in pieces of art-work in ancient Rome and China.

Fire Engine

HEX #D0212A

RGB 208 33 42

This shade closely matches the bright red color commonly used with Fire Engines.


HEX #C2404B

RGB 194 64 75

Sanguine is well known in the art world, it was used by many great artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s also known to be the color of dried blood.


HEX #D4352D

RGB 212 53 45

Flame represents one of the many orange and red colors created and emitted by fire.


HEX #AC1504

RGB 172 21 4

Turkey red is a dark shade with a brownish appearance. Created by the root of the rubia plant, first known records show it came from Turkey. it was often used in the 18th and perhaps 19th century as a cotton dye.


HEX #FF3800

RGB 255 56 0

This is a very bright red, with a somewhat orange undertone, representing the color of the common poppy. Coquelicot is the French name given to the poppy.



RGB 208 93 93

Indian is a pale, perhaps dull version of red. The pigment is made from a particular type of oxide, created in India.

Red berries color palette.