What is the symbolic meaning and psychology of the color gray? Does it have any influence on us and what does it say about your personality if gray is your favorite color, or if you like to wear gray or if you own a gray car?

Color Gray Meaning & Symbolism

Gray color meaning and symbolism.

The color gray is a combination of, and in between, white and black. It’s certainly not a flashy color, it doesn’t look for attention, it can be dull, depressing and uninspiring. However, gray can also be professional, modern looking, sleek, sophisticated and stylish. Like black, gray can be used to help emphasize other colors.

Gray color is neutral, unemotional and not a true color in itself. Gray is introverted, reserved and keeps itself to itself. The color gray is also a color of maturity and responsibility. It’s often associated with old age and experience. In China, gray is considered a humble color, often worn by the common majority and peasants.

Wearing Gray Meaning or Owning a Gray Car

It could mean that someone was introverted, reserved in character and they’re more than likely just looking to blend in with the crowd. It would suggest a professional and serious personality. The color gray can also be stylish to wear. Gray cars look modern and stylish, so it could indicate someone takes pride in their appearance without making a big deal about it. Gray cars are less common and conventional than silver, which could suggest a desire to be different and unique.

Gray is the queen of colors, quote.

Personality if Gray is your Favorite Color

You are a practical, down-to-earth and responsible person.

You don’t like too much attention, you like to fade into the background.

You have a desire to protect yourself, you often feel like you are in danger.

You often feel like you are indifferent about situations and events, indecisive, happy to go in either direction.

You are often unemotional, at times lack compassion, and you don’t make new friends easily.

You find it difficult to get excited about things, sometimes lack enthusiasm and energy, except in doing the things that you are really interested in.

You often appear and feel cool, composed, calm and stable.

Gray color personality and influences.

Influences of Gray


The color gray is calming and focused, it’s not loud or distracting, which can help with concentration, and to clear the mind, allowing you to think straight.


Gray is cold with no attachments, unemotional, none caring and also neutral.


On a negative side gray, can be a sad and depressing color, depending on where and how it is used, gray can seem dull, old-fashioned and boring.

Energy draining

Gray’s lack of substance can drain mental and physical energy, which is why it’s often used in combination with brighter colors.

Business & Branding

The color gray is often used in branding when a company wants to project a professional image. It can also be used for the purpose of creating a stylish and modern look which may reflect the business. The neutrality and impartiality that gray is associated with may also be a considering factor. Business and logo examples include, Nintendo Wii, Apple, Nestle and WordPress.

Meaning of Gray Gemstones

Gray gemstones.

The following gemstones can be found with a gray coloration: quartz, moonstone, eagle eye stone, diamond, jade, agate and labradorite stone. These stones are gray due to the inclusion of iron.

Gray gemstones generally mean and are believed to have the following influences. Enhancing your powers of luck, having calming influences and seeing things more clearly, and being able to approach problems with a level head.

Common Uses

  • The color gray is one of the most common colors worn in the office. For example, gray suits, shirts and trousers.
  • Business districts and modern sky scrapers are commonly gray. 

Interesting Facts

Gray or Grey? Both spellings are correct, gray is the common spelling in America, and grey is how it is spelt in the United Kingdom.

It’s one of the least favorite colors, with only around 1 percent of people saying it’s their favorite color. This is probably partly because gray associates with bad weather, cloudy miserable gray sky’s and rain.

In many countries over the centuries, gray was commonly worn by the lower classes and the poor.

Color Phrases or Expressions

Gray Matter: In the medical world, it refers to brain and spinal tissue.

All cats are gray after dark: Refers to simply not being able to see things as clearly in lower light conditions.

Gray divorce: An expression sometimes used when a more mature couple are getting divorced.

Dorian gray: This is a name sometimes given to someone who ages very well or slowly. It’s a character in a novel by Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The gray dollar: Referring to the finances available to the older population as a group.

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

More shades of gray with HEX and RGB color codes.

Light Gray – Associated with calming, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Dark Gray – Mysteriousness, suppression, formal, and organization.


  1. Grey;s a grand colour. Enjoy it since seeing it on some animals. My personal fave is charcoal, a very dark form. Yep.

  2. I like grey because my guy told me it’s his favourite colour and it’s so him, he is so calm.

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