Color Brown

Color Brown Psychology MeaningThe meaning and psychology of the color brown. How does it influence us and what does it say about your personality if it’s your favorite color?

Brown like green is a color connected to life, growth and the color of the earth.

Brown in color psychology is a color of sincerity, honesty and loyalty, it relates to maturity and being sensible.

It’s a combination of a few different colors, including, orange, yellow, red, green, blue and purple. Its characteristics are made up of all these different colors. Browns meaning changes depending on which of these colors is more dominate.

Similar to green, brown is also associated with nature and natural organic health products. Also it has strong associations to the great outdoors and farming as well as luxury and elegance.

Brown is definitely not the most popular color there is, it can appear to many people to be unattractive, boring, dull, simple and uninteresting.

The meaning of wearing brown

In the modern western world you don’t get many people wearing brown, with a few exceptions it is not a very attractive color to wear. It may mean that someone wasn’t fashion conscious and not focused on their appearance. They probably have a reserved, perhaps intuitive personality. Not a great deal of thought going into what they wear or how they are being perceived.

However there are always exceptions to this, wearing suede/brown leather, or a women wearing a brown dress to match her eyes. This would show a strong interest in appearances, fashion or status.

Your personality if brown is your favorite color?

  • You are down to earth, practical, straight talking, always to the point.
  • Brown is a color that has strong connections to the earth, It would suggest a love for the great outdoors, not afraid to get your feet dirty, or hands for that matter.Brown Color Psychology Meaning
  • You are reserved and introverted in temperament, you are often not looking to be noticed or seeking attention.
  • You have a friendly and approachable personality, helpful, you will lend a hand to those that need it.
  • You are responsible, trust worthy, confident but not forth coming about it.
  • You like the basics, home life, family and physical contact.
  • You are cautious when it comes to spending money, you only buy what you need, you focus on the necessities in life.
  • You are mostly thoughtful about choices in life, thinking in depth before making a decision or acting.

Influences and traits of brown


The color brown encourages feelings of safety and security.Color Brown Personality & Affects


Brown is a welcoming, warm and relaxing color which often makes it a good choice for interior design.


It can seem dull, boring perhaps even depressing and uninspiring.

Shades of brown

Light brown – honest, friendly, welcoming, stable.

Dark brown – dull, sad, decreases energy, mature, predictable.










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