This page is about creating a list of 50 plus the major and most common light tints and dark shades of brown. It includes the color names, and Hex and RGB color codes, and also provides a short description of the shades.

Shades of brown with names and hex codes.

When it comes to the meaning of brown, it’s mostly symbolic of stability, growth, balance, and honesty.

Brown is rarely considered to be someone’s favorite color. However, it is fairly popular when it comes to interior design.

Some of the most well-known and popular shades of brown include, chocolate, coffee, wood, brunette, and caramel.


HEX #35230E

RGB 53 35 14

This is near enough, and around about the average shade of brown.

50 Shades of Brown – Names & Color Codes

Light Brown

HEX #9A5E18

RGB 154 94 24

Dark Brown

HEX #331F08

RGB 51 31 8


HEX #2A1503

RGB 42 21 3

Chocolate is a dark brown, it represents a common color of chocolate. The first known use of chocolate as a color name was 1737.


HEX #632A0F

RGB 99 42 15

Cinnamon represents the light brown color of cinnamon spice, and is often used for flavoring with a variety of foods.


HEX #3D280D

RGB 61 40 13

Mocha is a medium to dark shade. It’s named after the chocolate coffee drink of the same name.  


HEX #4C2512

RGB 76 37 18

Pecan is a medium brown with a slight red appearance to it. It represents the color of the nuts produced by the pecan tree.


HEX #7B481C

RGB 123 72 28

Tawny is a medium to light brown with an orange tone. The color comes from the tawny owl.



RGB 154 123 77

Tortilla is a light pale tint of brown. A tortilla is a type of Mexican flatbread. Its origin is Mesoamerica, which covers parts of Central America and Mexico.


HEX #3D1E08

RGB 61 30 8

Brunette is a strong dark brown shade. It represents the color of the brunette hair color.


HEX #916A2F

RGB 145 106 47

Wood comes in various different tones. However, this resembles a medium to light version of wood.


HEX #66350F

RGB 102 53 15

Caramel is basically burned sugar. Its color is a rich medium brown, but caramel can be found in a variety of shades. This represents a common shade.


HEX #452711

RGB 69 39 17

Walnut is the color of the wood of the walnut tree. It’s generally a dark brown, but it does have lighter tones to it.


HEX #785C33

RGB 120 92 51

The color of peanuts is generally a light brown, representing the common color of the peanut.


HEX #4B371A

RGB 75 55 26

Coffee is the color of roasted coffee beans. It’s a medium to dark shade.


HEX #45200D

RGB 69 32 13

Syrup comes in a variety of different tones, ranging from a light golden brown to a dark reddish brown.


HEX #493729

RGB 73 55 41

This comes from Cedar wood. It can vary from an orange or pinkish color, to various shades of brown.



RGB 92 45 15

Gingerbread is a rich and warm brown tone.


HEX #7E5645

RGB 126 86 69

Carob is a relatively light brown. It has a fairly strong inclusion of red, which gives it an orange appearance.


HEX #351D11

RGB 53 29 17

Hickory can vary from a light to dark brown. This version is dark brown.


HEX #552A19

RGB 85 42 25

Penny is basically a darker shade of copper.


HEX #342214

RGB 52 34 20

Umber is a dark brown, like the color of mud. The pigment is made from soil.


HEX #BA7432

RGB 186 116 50

Copper can be considered either a light warm brown, or a dark orange.


HEX #71645B

RGB 113 100 91

Taupe is like a hybrid of brown and gray. It could be described as a light pale and warm tint of brown.

Brown Taupe

HEX #674C47

RGB 103 76 71

This is a darker version with a hint of red.


HEX #AE6401

RGB 174 100 1

Ginger is a light brown with a orange to red appearance.

Mode Khaki

HEX #967118

RGB 150 113 24

Mode khaki is a sort of light brown. It also has a dirty yellow appearance.


HEX #80461A

RGB 128 70 26

Russet is a dark shade of brown. However, it has a reddish tinge due to having a dominance of red in the RGB color mix.


HEX #443116

RGB 68 49 22

Nespresso is a dark brown, it’s the shade of the Italian coffee of the same name.

Brown color coffee palette with hex codes.


HEX #6D513C

RGB 109 81 60

You guess it. This is the medium to dark shade of brown that is mud.


HEX #6E452E

RGB 110 69 46

Aloewood is a medium to dark shade. It has a slight orange tinge because it comprises of higher amounts of red.



RGB 207 177 136

Tan is considered a light brown. The name tan comes from tannum, or tanbark. The bark from certain trees was used in the process of tanning leather. Records suggest that tan was first used or assigned to the color in 1590.



RGB 191 152 106

This represents the approximate yellowish-brown color of the Camels’ fur. Camels are well known for their humps, and their ability to last long periods of time without water. They have evolved to survive in dry desert environments.  

Butter Toast


RGB 233 211 170

Butter Toast is a light pale tint of brown.



RGB 225 191 155

Cashmere is a light brown. It represents the color of the Cashmir’s goat’s wool. Cashmere wool has been used for clothing and other textile purposes for centuries.


HEX #765745

RGB 118 87 69

Dull brown is a medium shade of brown, and is in fact quite dull.

Dark Wood

HEX #835C3F

RGB 131 92 63

This color represents an approximate average shade of dark wood.


HEX #B98B61

RGB 185 139 97

This represents an average brown shade of various hard woods.


HEX #A8764D

RGB 168 118 77

This resembles the color of the almond nut. It’s a medium to light reddish-brown.

Burnt Almond


RGB 171 120 78

Burnt almond has a slightly higher amount of red than the regular almond color.

Golden Brown

HEX #9A6616

RGB 154 102 22

This is a medium shade of brown. It also resembles a dark gold color.

Café Noir

HEX #4A351F

RGB 74 53 31

This is an approximate dark brown shade of café noir.

Khaki Brown


RGB 191 172 138

Khaki brown is a light and pale tint of brown, it’s somewhat of a neutral variation.


HEX #BD8764

RGB 189 135 100

Carnal is a light pale reddish-brown.

Dried Moss


RGB 201 179 127

This represents the neutral brownish color that is dried moss.   

Canadian Maple

HEX #C66213

RGB 198 98 19

This resembles the medium reddish-brown shade of the Canadian Maple.


HEX #924232

RGB 146 66 50

This is the approximate dark reddish shade of brown of the chestnut.  

Burnt Henna

HEX #7D372D

RGB 125 55 45

Burnt henna is a medium-dark brown with high amounts of red in its color mix.

Fall Harvest

HEX #A38655

RGB 163 134 85

Fall harvest is one of the colors of autumn, and it’s a light tint of brown.



RGB 229 205 163

This version of chamomile is a very light tint of brown. Chamomile is often an off-white-yellow color, named after the chamomile daisy flower. However, this represents the color of chamomile tea.


HEX #A32929

RGB 163 41 41

This is the approximate shade of the web color; red-brown. It has a high balance of red in its RGB mixture.


HEX #685654

RGB 104 86 84

Wenge is a type of hardwood. It’s a pale reddish brown shade.


HEX #765453

RGB 118 84 83

This resembles the approximate brownish shade of cocoa beans. Despite being called a bean, it’s actually a seed.


HEX #BA8989

RGB 186 137 137

Rosy brown can be classed as either red or brown. It’s commonly used to describe a hair color.

Burnt Umber

HEX #893223

RGB 137 50 35

This is around about and approximately the medium red-brown shade of burnt umber. It’s created when raw umber has been heated to a sufficient degree.

Dark Sand

HEX #A39076

RGB 163 144 118

This is the approximate brownish shade of dark sand.



RGB 229 191 157

The color nude is often considered a light tint or shade of brown.

Mug color brown palette with hex codes.