This page lists 50 of the most well known and popular tints and dark shades of green, including their names, HEX and RGB color codes. Whatever your art project is, graphic/motion design or interior design, you should be able to find the green shade that you are looking for.

Shades of Green, including Hex codes.

Green has a greater variety of shades than any other color, ranging from very dark shades to pale tints, and a very bright neon green.

The most popular shades of green are Jade, Emerald, Lime, and dark shades which are associated with the outdoors and nature, like forest green. Some of my personal favorites include Neon and Chartreuse.


HEX #00FF00

RGB 0 255 0

This is the purist green using the RGB color system. It comprises 0 Red, 255 Green and 0 Blue.

50 Shades of Green – Names & Color Codes

Light Green

HEX #23B103

RGB 35 177 3

Dark Green

HEX #004002

RGB 0 64 2


HEX #008000

RGB 0 128 0

Office green is a strong medium green shade, it resembles a color found in a lush forest environment.



RGB 127 255 0

Chartreuse green is a very bright color, with a slight yellowish undertone.


HEX #37FD12

RGB 55 253 18

Neon is an extremely strong and bright green color, it has a fluorescent appearance. It’s the color of green neon signs. 


HEX #4FC978

RGB 79 201 120

Emerald is an attractive light tint, it represents the general color of the gemstone. Emerald green has been known by a few other names, including Imperial and Paris green. It’s a very popular shade, including with artists, current and past. In 2013, it also won the Pantone color of the year award.


HEX #3DB489

RGB 61 180 137

Mint is a light pale tint, resembling the common color of the mint plant.


HEX #28AE89

RGB 40 174 137

Jungle is based off the 1990 color that was created by Crayola. Jungle is a light exotic variation, and it has a strong influence of blue. However, the Jungle name being used to describe a color dates back to the 1920s. There are also a few other darker shades of Jungle green.

Medium Jungle

HEX #1F3A32

RGB 31 58 50

Dark Jungle

HEX #18211E

RGB 24 33 30

Deep Jungle

HEX #01504D

RGB 1 80 77


HEX #689268

RGB 104 146 104

Russian green is believed to represent a common green color that was used in the Imperial Russian Army uniforms. Records show that the name was assigned to the color somewhere in the 1830s. It’s a medium pale tint variation.


HEX #4A521E

RGB 47 82 30

Army green is one of the darker, more serious shades of green, and a common shade used in the military.


HEX #6F8236

RGB 111 130 54

Representing the color of green olives, a dark yet slightly pale variation.


HEX #00A86B

RGB 0 168 107

Named after the Jade stone, is a light green color with some influence from blue. 


HEX #03796F

RGB 3 121 111

Pine is a medium green with a strong blue tinge. It resembles one of the green shades of a pine tree.


HEX #889859

RGB 136 152 89

Representing the color of the moss plant. Moss grows in damp conditions with high moisture, and unlike most plants, it doesn’t have any roots, stems or leaves. Its color is a light pale green.


HEX #607D3B

RGB 96 125 59

This medium to pale tint represents the common color of the Crocodile.


HEX #32612D

RGB 50 97 45

Basil green resembles the common dark green shade of the leaf.


HEX #3F704D

RGB 63 112 77

Hunter green is a dark medium shade, with a slight blue tinge. During the late 19th century and early 20th century, hunter green was the color that was commonly worn by hunters.



RGB 208 240 192

Tea green is a very light tint of green, it could be described as a very pale variation. It has a very refreshing appearance.



RGB 76 187 23

Kelly green is a relativity strong and bright variation. It has associations with Ireland and St Patrick’s Day. Kelly is a well known Irish name.


HEX #444C38

RGB 68 76 56

Uniform green is a dark green grayish shade, often used for uniforms.


HEX #043927

RGB 4 57 39

Sacramento is one of the darker and earthy looking shades of green. It’s a color in the Sacramento Seal of the California State University.


HEX #4F7942

RGB 79 121 66

This green is a earthy and natural looking shade, resembling the color of the fern.

Color green flower palette.


HEX #0A6522

RGB 10 101 34

Forest is a strong dark green shade, representing the color of lush forest greenery.


HEX #2E8B57

RGB 46 139 87

Sea green is a light green with a fairly strong inclusion of blue.


HEX #00A572

RGB 0 165 114

Persian green is the color that you will often find in Persia, or Iran as it’s known. It represents the color of the mineral Malachite, and it’s often used in places of worship, and for pottery, and famous Persian carpets.



RGB 179 189 163

Sage green is a light and pale tint which moves towards the color white. It represents the medium or common color of dried-out sage leaves.



RGB 199 234 70

Lime is a strong light tint, which is moving towards yellow on the color wheel.


HEX #50C878

RGB 80 200 120

Paris green was a popular pigment commonly used by artists, including Van Gogh. It comes from emerald crystalline powder, which is also highly toxic. It has been used as an insecticide and rodent poison in the past.



RGB 148 233 190

Seafoam green is a light tint, it’s a very fresh and unique looking variation.


HEX #597D35

RGB 89 125 53

This dark and slightly pale green resembles the color of the pickle.


HEX #354A21

RGB 53 74 33

Seaweed is a very dark serious variation or shade of green.


HEX #74B72E

RGB 116 183 46

Pear is a bright youthful green, it’s unique and one of the more attractive shades of green.



RGB 139 175 33

Avocado is a nice looking green yellow color.



RGB 137 173 107

Asparagus is a light and fresh tint of green. It’s a popular paint used for interior designing.


HEX #3F8860

RGB 63 136 96

Amazon is a medium green tint with a fairly strong inclusion of blue.



RGB 58 219 130

Android is a bright vibrant green. It represents the color of the Google android robot.


HEX #008300

RGB 0 131 0

Heineken is a strong shade of green that represents the branding and logo color of the Netherlands Heineken beer company.


HEX #028747

RGB 2 135 71

This is the green shade of Celtic FC, which is a football/soccer team based in Glasgow Scotland.


HEX #17443A

RGB 23 68 58

This is the green shade of the Michigan State University Spartans athletics teams.


HEX #01863F

RGB 1 134 63

UNT green is the color shade of the North Texas Mean American football team.


HEX #3C711E

RGB 60 113 30

This is the medium shade of green that can be found in the recycling graphic.



RGB 172 253 47

Green-yellow is a tertiary color on the RYB color wheel.


HEX #006443

RGB 0 100 67

This is the shade of green that is on the Starbucks coffee branding and logo.



RGB 27 171 119


HEX #00674C

RGB 0 103 76


HEX #019251

RGB 1 146 81

Medium Spring

HEX #00F899

RGB 0 248 153

Green shades color palette.