What color is seafoam green, including its origins, what associations and meanings does it have and can it affect your psychology in any way? Seafoam green, also sometimes known as mint green, is a light and somewhat pale tint of the color green.

Seafoam green color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

While it is definitely a tint of green, it also has some blue and light gray in the mixture. Light gray is what makes it a paler and slightly more neutral tint of green. The color seafoam and mint green do have different hex codes on web color charts used by web designers.

Seafoam vs Mint  

Seafoam – HEX #94E9BE

Mint – HEX #3DB489

The hue gets its name (Seafoam) from the foam-like substance that can be seen and created by ocean waves. The color seafoam green was popular in the clothing world in the 1950s. In 2001, a crayon of the same name and color was created by Crayola.

While the color seaform is a tint of green, its associations are somewhat different. Lighter tints of green are found in nature, but they’re far less common. Lighter tints can be found in more tropical locations, for example clear water, along with lighter tints of blue. Some flowers strongly resemble the color, such as the green pastel rose. The color seafoam green is more associated with cleanliness and freshness, the sort of green that you will find in the health and medical professions, including dental surgeries.

Seafoam Meaning & Personality

This is a personality hypothesis for those that like the seafoam green color. They may use it in artistic endeavors, interior design and perhaps even wear it. If someone was to like it, it could suggest a desire for to be clean themselves, or generally wanting things clean. This is often due to a desire for perfectionism and purity. This is often connected to obsessive compulsive traits and desires. They may also be sensitive to the idea of disease and viruses, and contamination in general.

It may also suggest a desire for uniqueness, which comes from a unique type of mind. This is a mind that naturally sees and looks for patterns between things. They are likely to be open-minded and creative in temperament.     

Colors that combine well with Seafoam

Colors that combine well with Seafoam Green.

Colors that are analogous to seafoam include various shades or tints of green and blue. You can also go with neutral colors such as gray, taupe and white.

Psychology & Influences – Seafoam is a light color, but due to its pale nature, it doesn’t stimulate or give off much energy. Its influences are more likely to be calming, perhaps relaxing. It may also make us feel clean, sterile, healthy, perhaps even pure. Similar color tints are often used in the packaging and branding of mint sweets and chewing gum. This creates an association between the color and the product, and it may make us think of those types of products, and perhaps encourage a craving for minty sweets and foods.