This page is all about the sage green color, including its meanings, symbolism, psychology, including its influences and popular uses and other colors that go well with it. It also includes HEX and RGB color codes.

Sage green was very popular in 2022. Multiple brands such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG chose it as their color of the year.  

What Color is Sage Green?

Sage green is what could be described as a pale tint, or a grayish-green. Sage green represents the color of the sage herb. The more dried out the sage leaves are, the more it moves towards gray. Like many different tints or shades, different variations of the color can be found on the internet depending on where you look. I will provide graphic examples of the different variations here.

Sage green color, meaning and symbolism.

Sage Green Meaning & Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of the color sage is a mixture of green and gray. It’s connected to nature and considered an earthy color. It’s symbolic of health, life, balance, tranquillity, and harmony. The gray aspect of sage means it’s also symbolic of knowledge, wisdom, maturity, and neutrality.

The word sage in Ancient Greece was connected to a person attaining wisdom. It can also be used in relation to morality and being a good person.

Interior Design

Sage green is a relatively popular color for interior design, especially more recently. It’s an ideal color for someone that likes green, but they don’t want a really strong tone in the home. It has the neutrality of gray, which helps to create a more comfortable and perhaps tranquil environment. It can look classic or modern depending on how it’s used and what other colors it’s combined with. It’s a versatile tint that offers something more unique than the conventional interior design colors.   


If you like sage green, you are probably a nature lover. You are always looking for an opportunity to get outside into the woods or wilderness. You are an open-minded person that believes in different possibilities; you like to keep your options open. You thrive from new experiences and you love a good adventure.      

Color Combinations

Colors that go with sage green.

Colors that combine well with sage green include; white, brown, gray, taupe, black, and darker shades of blue and green.

Psychology & Influences – Sage green has the relaxing and tranquil influences of green. However, because it’s a neutral color it also encourages a certain degree of openness and impartiality. Neutral colors also help us to relax and wind down. Due to green being a cool color, and gray being somewhat lifeless, it may make us feel cold. For this reason, it’s probably best to mix in some warmer colors.