The meaning of a white butterfly can range from both life and death. In this article we are looking into the different spiritual symbolic meanings of the white butterfly, and does it mean anything if you encounter one or if one lands on you?

White butterfly meaning.

White butterflies are a striking sight to behold. However, they usually have some black mixed into their coloration. People are always assigning meaning to things, events and the things we see. Does it mean anything? Does it have any significance? Even the most rational and logical of us will sometimes engage in some of this speculation.

Spiritual Meaning of White Butterflies

Both the butterfly itself and the color white are symbolic of rebirth. This makes a white butterfly especially connected to this rebirth and fresh start meaning. Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis and are reborn as butterflies. It’s obviously where the associations come from, linking them to rebirth, or perhaps a fresh start.

The white association with rebirth and a fresh start mainly comes from Christianity. In Christianity, white is also associated with purity, goodness, virtue, and, of course, heaven. Angles are often depicted as having a shining white light around them. People who have had near death experiences also often talk about witnessing and being pulled towards a white light. These meanings, of course, apply to the white butterfly.

The sun produces white light, and without the sun there would be no life. This is another connection between the color white and birth or life.

Butterflies live very short lives. So, they are often a symbol and a reminder that every moment counts, and to live life to the fullest.

Different Cultural White Butterfly Meanings

White Butterfly.

This association with rebirth and hope is also common among many different cultures. However, there are a few different unique meanings depending on the culture.

Many Native American tribes considered the white butterfly to be a spirit animal, which would lead people down the correct path, and also the carrier of dreams. They also believed that seeing a white butterfly was a sign that you are ready to face your hidden fears.

The Mayans had the belief that white butteries represented the souls or spirits of since departed brave warriors.

The Aztecs also associated the white butterfly with the souls of past relations. To see one was to bring comfort and to feel a connection to those close to them who have departed.

The Celts saw the butterfly as a connection between that which is physical, and that which is spiritual.

In ancient Greece, the Greek goddess Psyche was often shown as having the wings of a butterfly.

The white butterfly meaning in many Far East Asian cultures, believed they were the souls of the recently departed, or the carrier of souls.

In Japan specifically, as well as believing that they were souls. The white butterfly was also associated with the transforming or changing of girls into women-hood.

In China, they have a special association with freedom, eternal love, and aesthetic beauty. A very well known folk tale in China about eternal love is called “Butterfly Lovers”.    

Meaning of a White Butterfly if you Encounter One?

Meaning of seeing a white butterfly?

If you encounter or see a white butterfly, its meaning can depend on the circumstances of when you encountered the butterfly. What issues you are currently dealing with and your current state of mind will influence your interpretation. You will need to think deeply, and spend some time in self-reflection to discover the correct interpretation.

Transition: Seeing a white butterfly may suggest change in your life. Something significant may be on the horizon. Perhaps a new job opportunity may arise, or moving home, or perhaps you’re about to meet someone that will change your life.

If change is currently happening, it may mean that the transition phase is coming to an end, and stability and order will soon be coming into your life. It may also indicate a spiritual rebirth, a reinvention of yourself, or a rekindling of your spiritual-self, or a belief.

Good Fortune: Encountering a white butterfly can also be a sign of good luck. This mostly comes from the common positive associations of white, such as purity and connections to the divine and heaven. It can also be a sign of hope, to hang in there, to endure the tough times, because better times are coming once you overcome this moment of adversity.

Heavenly Message: Some also believe that seeing a white butterfly could be a sign from heaven. Perhaps a message from god or his angels, a loved one from beyond, may be wishing to contact you, to let you know that they are doing well. According to the Bible, if one is flying near or around you, especially if it lands on you, it’s generally considered a very positive sign.

Death: Encountering a white butterfly can also be interpreted as a sign of death. After all, if something is to be reborn, it has to die first. Some cultures adopt this meaning more than others, believing that if one lands on you, someone close to you will pass away in the near future.

Overcoming: If you come across a white butterfly, it could be a sign that your current troubles or difficulties are soon coming to an end.

Prosperity: Generally, if you see a white butterfly around you, it’s considered a sign of upcoming prosperity. Positive energy is around you and good things are around the corner.

Spirit: There is an almost universal belief that spans many different cultures that butterflies are spirits or souls. This especially applies to white butterflies. So, if one is spotted around you, it could be the spirit of someone close to you, someone important that has now moved on.

Protection: The meaning of a white butterfly flying around you is believed to be a spirit that is intent on protecting you. It could either be a spirit of someone you know, or, perhaps an angel protector.

Opportunity: Seeing one could be a sign that either you need a fresh start, or that you need to initiate that change. Or, that a new start or beginning is on the horizon, and that you may need to embrace the upcoming opportunity for that fresh start.

Angel: White butterflies have the strongest symbolic connections to heaven and angelic forces and powers. If spotted, an angel may be trying to connect with you, or pass on a message. You may have to look hard to find out what message they are trying to pass on. It could be very subtle and easy to overlook.

Overwhelmingly, seeing a white butterfly is considered a very positive event. Even simply just appreciating their aesthetic value will likely brighten up your day. You will often find that they can increase positive emotions, and emotions are contagious.

Thank you for reading this page. I hope that you found it helpful or interesting.