What is the meaning and what are the psychological effects of the color white, and what does it say about your personality and motivations if white is your favorite color or if you drive a white car?

Color White Meaning & Symbolism

White color meaning and symbolism.

White is symbolic for, and is linked to cleanliness, purity and freshness. White is associated with the medical profession, Doctors wear white coats, which gives the impression of being clean and promoting health. White is also connected to openness and honesty.

In religion, priests and other religious figures wear white to represent purity and innocence. White is also associated with heaven, it’s the color of the clouds. The color white is also depicted in fiction as the color of good, such as a white unicorn, or the light side compared to the dark side.

The color white is also linked to fresh starts, wiping the slate clean, an open mind, new beginnings, possibilities and opportunities for creation. White can also be a modern color which implies simplicity, which is why certain devices like household technology, mobile phones and MP3 players are white.

In Chinese tradition, white is often worn to funerals, as it has associations with the deceased. Other cultures also often associate white with death, turning white when someone has passed, and, of course, the color white is associated with ghosts.

The most wonderful color of all, Quote.

Wearing White Meaning or Owning a White Car

If somebody wears white or owns a white car, it could suggest that being clean is very important to them. White can be difficult to keep pure white, which could indicate that they are a perfectionist. White is often a good color when combined with other colors, meaning a lot of attention is given to their dress sense, showing they take pride in their appearance and looking good. More than likely, an outgoing personality that likes attention, as white is very noticeable.

White cars are becoming more popular, more conventional, which could suggest a desire to be like the majority, to be conventional/normal and to follow trends. It could also suggest a practical thinking and safety conscious person for choosing a highly visible color.

Personality if your Favorite Color is White

You have an open book, nothing to hide mentality.

You have a well balanced and stable personality and you are able to control your emotions.

You like cleanliness and you are very hygienic. It can annoy you when others are not so focused on cleanliness.

You are a perfectionist and if you have imperfections you will try to hide them.

Your quest for perfection can lead to you being very critical of others and also yourself.

You often think about things before acting, often not impulsive.

You have a desire for simplicity in your life.

White color personality and psychology.

Positive Influences

Mental clarity

White encourages clarity of thought and clear thinking.


White is a clean and pure color, which is linked to hygiene and health, which could influence the mind.


White is a color which promotes fairness, equality, and none biased thinking.


The color white also promotes efficiency and organization.


Because white implies new beginnings and fresh starts. It also encourages feelings of hope.

Negative Influences


While white does suggest a clean slate, it can also be interpreted as empty and lonely.


It’s an unemotional, cold color which is not easy to relate to. Somebody wearing white may come across as uncaring, serious and not approachable.

Business & Branding

White can often be used with regards to branding and design to give a modern, clean look and feel. Many of the associations of white will be considered, such as cleanliness, simplicity and clarity. Many technology companies design their products with a white design. Apple’s products are a good example of this. It’s also common with businesses linked to health and medicine.

Meaning of White Gemstones

Meaning of White Gemstones.

White gemstones and crystals include the white diamode, jade, moonstone, clear quartz, selenite, agate, howlite, topez, opal, magnesite, and more.

White gemstones link to the crown chakra, which is connected to attaining differing levels of thought and an awakening of consciousness. Many white stones and crystals are believed to have purification properties and enhance our powers of meditation and overall awareness.

Common Uses

  • Paper is commonly white, which is the blank canvas for words to be written or illustrations to be created.
  • In western countries, Wedding dresses are commonly the color white.  
  • The interior design of medical facilities and health-related businesses.

Interesting Facts

In light, using the RGB color model, the color white is created when combining red, green and blue, the additive primary colors.

When painting, using RYB colors, white is the absence of color dye, so a blank sheet of paper, or a blank canvas.

Stars like our own sun shine white light, which is all of the colors of the spectrum combined. See the related page, things that are white in nature.

White is generally the most common favorite color with regards to the interior design of buildings.

The Pope has traditionally dressed in the color white since the mid 16th century.

In many east and south Asian cultures, including India, white is used and worn during occasions of mourning.

Color Phrases or Expressions

Wave or raise the white flag: Means to surrender or give up.

White collar worker: Referring to someone that works in an office, or none physical labor work.

As white as a sheet: Means someone is looking pale, without color.

White lie: Means a lie that is small and unimportant, with little consequence.

Shades of White

Shades of White.

More shades of white with HEX and RGB color codes.


  1. omg every single line is matching . even i feel so lonely and cry a lot often alone . never thought a color can say my story like this .

  2. Me too i cry sometimes feeling lonely though i have many friends… Everything said is true except one- i am don’t worry about cleanliness and am not very hygienic.

  3. These traits can be considered true, but some of these are not. It is pretty much affected by culture and language.
    Also, some other sites suggest that a colour white personality is a conservative and sort of strict, not an open book.

    1. Yes, some associations are cultural, and some likely go deeper than that. Red is a good example of this, it has some similar meanings in the animal kingdom.

      Some of the associations of white, like purity and cleanliness are linked to a personality trait that is associated with conservative thinking, so perhaps yes.

  4. I enjoy this colour. Such a lovely colour fitting gentleness. Ivory’s my top fave of this colour.

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