What is the symbolic and spiritual meaning of a red butterfly, and what does it mean if one is spotted or flying near you?

Red butterfly meaning.

This page is a more in-depth look into the meaning of a red color butterfly.

Cultural Meanings & Symbolism of Red Butterflies

Generally, they represent metamorphosis or change. However, the meaning of a red butterfly changes depending on the culture. We will look into some of these meanings now.

The red color butterfly is often found in artwork originating in Europe, dating back over the centuries. They were believed to be included as symbols of the human soul.

The ancient Greeks saw the red butterfly as symbolic of the nine goddesses and daughters of Zeus (Muse).

In Chinese culture, the red butterfly represents romance and love. It’s also seen as a color of good fortune, inspiration, and creativity.

In Japanese culture, a red spotted butterfly is considered a symbol of bravery.

Some tribes native to America believed that red butterflies were the souls or spirits of the strong. The red butterfly was also a symbol of answered prayers, and a strong symbol of change and new beginnings.

In Korean myth, they were considered evil. It was believed that they could blind you if you touched one, and then touched your eyes. 

Over the centuries in Scotland, red color butterflies were believed to be witches, or other evil creatures in a different form.

Symbolism of red butterflies.

Spotting a Red Butterfly – Spiritual Meanings

Seeing a red butterfly has mostly positive spiritual meanings.

Health: It’s considered a sign of good health if you were to see a red butterfly at the beginning of the year.

Happiness: The meaning of butterflies in general is that of joy and happiness. However, this is especially true of red butteries. You add the positive aspects and meanings of red, such as, energy, passion, youth, and stimulation to the positive spiritual meanings of the butterfly.

Compassion: Red is often seen as the color of the heart. It’s an important color for Valentine’s day. It can represent passion and aggression, but also love and compassion. The reason why we focus on the peaceful and affectionate aspects of red, is because it combines with the positive symbolic meanings of the butterfly.

Passion: Red is strongly associated with passion, lust, intensity, power, and aggression. These also apply to red butterflies.

Attention: Seeing a red color butterfly is a reminder to pay attention. Red is often used as a warning in nature, that danger is near, and that caution is needed. This is especially true if it’s a red admiral butterfly. They were often associated with evil.

It can also be a symbol of general awareness. It may mean you need to pay more attention to your friends and family, or perhaps even a complete stranger is in need.

Dreaming of a Red Butterfly

The most common interpretation of seeing a red butterfly in your dream is that of change. Butterflies are symbolic of metamorphosis. This is often an unconscious understanding, so when we see one in our dreams, it usually means change is happening, or we are seeking change. It’s perhaps a hidden desire.