All about the color khaki and meaning, including hex codes. Also, looking into the history and psychology of the color, plus what does it say about your personality if you often wear it, or if it’s a favorite color?

Records show that Khaki was first worn in 1846 by what was known as the Corps of Guilds, which was a regiment of the British Indian army. It continued to be used for military uniforms from then on after, due to its neutral and earth-like tone, it often blended well with the natural environment, otherwise known as camouflage. Khaki was officially used by the British army from the year 1868 going forward.

The United States army also adopted khaki for their military uniforms towards the end of the nineteenth century. Since then, it has been adopted by many other militaries across the world.

Color Khaki Meaning & Hex Codes

Khaki color meaning and symbolism with hex codes.

The color khaki is most commonly considered a tint of brown with a slight yellowish tone. However, there are a few different versions of khaki, ranging from a beige-like color (light khaki), to tan/taupe/beige (khaki), tan/green (dark khaki) and dark green (khaki green) variations.

Color Khaki & Personality

You’re serious and somewhat reserved in temperament, not wishing to stand out or gain attention. This would likely mean an introverted personality. You often seek alone time to recharge your energy. If the motivation for liking or wearing the color is because of connections to the military, traits like dutifulness, are likely to be strong, with a high respect for authority and likes order and organisation. These traits are often associated with being a hard worker, pragmatic, conventional, conservative and very much a realist. These traits would likely tilt you towards managerial positions.

You may also have some traits similar to those who like green or brown. So a personality that’s at one with nature, loves the outdoors, is likely to go hiking, camping and engage in other outdoor activities.

Colors that combine well with khaki?

Colors that go with khaki.

For me, the colors that combine the best with khaki are dark blues such as navy blue, coral, and black or white. These combinations can be used to great effect with the colors that we wear, interior designing, various digital and marketing designs.

Psychology & Influences

Of course, it depends on the version of the color Khaki, but generally it can be described as a warm neutral color. Warm colors invoke feelings of warmth. Warm neutral colors combine to create a relaxing combination, mildly warm and encouraging impartiality, ideal for relaxing and winding down.

The exception to this would be green khaki. Green is a cool color, so it’s more likely to make you feel cooler. It’s somewhat neutral and low energy, and likely to have sedating influences. Because of the common connections to the military, some of those military associations such as seriousness, dutifulness, orderly and pragmatic could influence those exposed to the color.