What Your Bra Color Says About You?

What does your bra color actually say about you? Is there a connection to your personality, mood and emotions?

Not many people may get to see it however your bra color may say much about you and reveal more than you realize.


The conventional choice, you like the conventional and traditional. It perhaps shows a lack of priority for appearances or the materialistic.

You have a strong focus on the basics, like family and friends. You’re perhaps a perfectionist with an obsession for cleanliness.


Black is serious and professional and it also looks good. Black is an interesting combination of seriousness and seduction. You have a strong need for privacy, not looking for attention except from a select few, and you like to keep your secrets.


Red is probably not worn all the time however some women will naturally lean to the color more than others. Women who wear red are usually the outgoing extroverted type, socially confident, often looking for excitement with an impulsive and spontaneous personality. Red lovers are also physical and competitive people.

Red is the color most associated with passion and lust, you probably have a naturally flirtatious temperament and/or you have someone on your mind.


To wear blue would more than likely mean it was your favorite color, you find the color blue peaceful, calm and relaxing. You tend to be a good thinker and mostly always consider carefully before making a decision. Trust is also very important to you.

You’re also probably a creative person that strongly values their uniqueness. You like unconventional people and ideas.


The color green has strong connections to the earth, health. You have a strong connection to green and most of what green represents. You like natural products, you eat healthy, very likely a vegetarian.

To wear a green bra also shows some unconventional thinking with a desire to be different. You have artistic and creative desires.

YellowBlack Bra Color Meaning

Wearing yellow suggest a very friendly social able personality. It’s an expression of their generally cheerful and positive outlook.

Self expression is also very important with an analytical, tactical side to their thinking.


Wearing pink is a strong indicator of their femininity, with a very friendly and approachable personality. Their emotions are often at the forefront of their actions, words and decisions.


Wearing purple suggests a love for luxurious items, perhaps somewhat materialistic. Often drawn to and a natural fascination with the unknown, spiritual and perhaps the supernatural.

They love anything mysterious and to keep secrets, maintaining a certain degree of privacy is very important to them.

Lovers of purple are often sensitive with a love for the performance arts.


Nude is a safe and practical choice. It would suggest not looking for attention with a reserved personality. A love for the natural look, probably likes to limit cosmetics and perfumes and anything artificial.

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