What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?

What do the different natural and unnatural hair colors mean? Many women dye their hair a multitude of different colors, red, blue, green, purple and even pink.

Natural Hair Colors

Hair Color Meanings

Does your natural hair color say anything about your personality? There are certain stereotypes about blonds (Bimbo) or a fiery red head.

Natural Hair Color Associations

  • Blond – Attractive, Feminine, Naive, Youthful, High Maintenance, Fun.
  • Red – Aggressive, Passionate, Impulsive, Opinionated, Promiscuous.
  • Brown/Brunette – Conscientious/Hard Working, Practical, Dependable, Reliable.
  • Black – Depth, Exotic, Introspective, Spiritual.

These are just common stereotypical associations and they shouldn’t be taken too seriously, due to the fact that there is little evidence to back up most of these associations.

Unconventional & Unnatural Hair Colors

This is a general explanation of why women and even sometimes men dye their hair unconventional colors. For example Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Pink, being the more common colors.

Dying hair unconventional colors to no surprise implies unconventional thinking and a desire to be unique. They also have an impulse to outwardly express themselves including their desire for creativity. Those with creative desires tend to be open minded people, open to new experiences and often seeking variety in life.

They’re unlikely to be looking for attention, simply wishing the express their instinctual impulses. There is also a good chance that these people have tattoos for similar reasons.

These people are likely to have a highly intuitive personality. They dislike authority, rules and common conventions. They probably have a somewhat rebellious temperament, likely introverted and passively aggressive, likely to be indirect when dealing with confrontation.

Highly intuitive personalities tend to be idealistic in their thinking, either very compassionate or logical depending on the dominance of other personality traits. This intuitiveness often leads to not always very practical thinking and ideas.

Individual Colors

Add the above general description to the following individual colors.


Red has strong connections to physical energy, aggression and passion, which may suggest these are traits that they have. Red is also a very attention grabbing color which could mean they have more extroverted, social and attention seeking desires. It could also suggest a potentially impulsive and competitive personality.


Blue is calming, collected, confident and is a color associated with trustworthiness. Someone who dyes their hair blue is likely to have these traits, or aspires to have them. These people tend to think before acting, logical and rational thinkers. They are not as in touch with their emotions and they can come across as somewhat cold or aloof in temperament.

Pink hair color meaning.


Pink has strong associations with feelings, empathy, nurturing, femininity and generally an anti aggressive color. Those who dye their hair pink are likely to be very in touch with their feelings, they’re emotionally expressive and hates confrontation.


The color Green has connections to nature, life, healing and growth. Those who gravitate towards green tend to have a love for nature, wildlife, growth and healing, both physically and mentally. These people are searching for balance in their life.


Purple is the color of intuition, creativity, mystery, magic and it also has associations with wealth, royalty and spirituality. These people are likely to be highly intuitive with idealistic thinking with a fascination with the spiritual and the unknown. They look for answers beyond the physical world and the conventional.

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