Is your current iphone or android phone a reflection of your personality? What is the meaning of the different colors of people’s phones or cases? Maybe your phone says more about your personality than you think.

Phone color meaning.

Some people will only ever see their iphone or android phone as an object or necessity, with no interest in how it looks, including the color. These people just want to make calls, send and receive text messages. They probably don’t have much interest in materialistic possessions, probably not a lover of technology and gadgets.

For many people, their phone is no longer just a necessity. For some, it’s more like a fashion accessory, or even an extension of who they’re.

Cell phones were once mostly the same color, either black or white. Now people are able to express their tastes and personalities by choosing a phone or case color that reflects their temperament.

Phone manufacturers are now providing a wide variety of styles and colors to cater to people’s need for expression and individuality.

What Your Phone Color Says About You?


White phone color meaning.

White is for those that like their things clean. They have high standards, perhaps bordering on obsessive compulsiveness. White is also associated with simplicity. Which could suggest that is what the owner is looking for, and a desire for simplicity could suggest that they are more interested in the basic functions of a phone, and not all the bells and whistles that come with the latest smart phones.

White is also a very open color, which could be a reflection of an open-minded person. Open to possibilities, good at remaining impartial, and doesn’t judge too quickly.


The vast majority of cell phones used to be black. So people didn’t have much of an option but to go with it. It was either black or nothing.

However, choosing a black cell phone now suggests a few things. It may suggest that someone was just looking for a cell phone with no interest in self-expression. They may simply see it as a tool, object or device for functional use.

The associations of the color black could also be a motivator. Black is associated with power, elegance, sophistication and professionalism. These associations could be a reason or motivation for someone deciding on a black phone. They like these associations, and they want to be seen in that particular way. It is perhaps an expression of their true self.

Choosing black may also be a desire for privacy and to be unseen. It could be a strong indicator of survival instincts at play.


Blue is reserved, calm and not looking for attention. Blue is also associated with clear, in-depth thinking, being careful, thinking before acting, being efficient and conservative. These associations could very well be personality traits which the owner of a blue phone embodied.

Blue is rarer for a phone color than black or white, which could suggest a desire to be unique, and an expression of their taste. If it’s a dark blue phone, it would suggest they were not looking for attention, and they may have some creative talents or tendencies.


Red phone color meaning.

Red has associations with physical energy, competitiveness, lust, impulsiveness and aggressiveness. These associations may be an indication of that person’s temperament.

Red is an unconventional color choice for a cell phone. It’s also a strong and powerful color. Red gains attention, which could be a motivator for choosing red. Someone that seeks attention is likely to have an outgoing, talkative personality that recharges their batteries by being social.

They’re also likely to be very expressive, they’re more focused on their own opinions and tastes. They also don’t care much about what other people think. This person just wants to do their own thing rather than to conform with popular conventions.

A reader pointed out that they chose a red phone due to their attention-deficit disorder, inattentive type (ADHD-I). This results in losing or misplacing their phone, and the color red is easier to find.


The choice of a gold phone would likely mean their personality traits are in line with the common associations of gold. These associations are wealth, status-seeking, generous, materialistic, and are perhaps into the acquirement of knowledge.

Someone who has a gold phone is likely to be very outgoing, and really clued into things like social status. They want people to know they’re financially successful. They also have a passion for the luxurious things in life.


Someone with a pink phone is likely to be friendly, outgoing, affectionate, caring, and emotionally expressive. They’re also likely to be intuitive and idealistic in their thinking and ideas. They’re not the most practical of people.

Someone with a pink phone is likely to have a strong desire to express themselves. They’re likely to have a lot of very feminine traits. They probably get energy and positive feelings from bright colors, and they’re likely to have artistic or creative impulses.

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