Why do people wear certain color clothes? Wearing certain colors perhaps suggests and implies subtle motivations, personality traits and desires that you and others may have.

Clothes color meaning.

Of course people don’t always wear the same color clothes, preferences can change based on mood and situations. However, you will often see a pattern and preference for certain favorite colors that a person will wear more often than others.

Clothes Color Meanings


Wearing black clothes suggests several things. It mostly looks good, and it is usually a flattering color to wear, suggesting a person cares about their appearance, perhaps more than the average person. While looking good is important it would suggest that’s largely due to personal pride rather than trying to impress others, personal pride before outside opinions takes priority.

While wearing black generally looks good it also suggests a degree of privacy seeking. It’s suggesting someone wants to remain under the radar, not to draw too much attention to themselves. This perhaps stems from an unconscious impulse to protect themselves, their natural defense instincts are strong.

It perhaps suggests a tilting towards an introverted temperament, needing alone time to not only maintain a desired level of privacy, but to also recharge their energy levels.

The color black also has connections to seriousness, organization and professionalism which may also be a reflection of a person’s temperament. Black is also a highly respectable color choice, also indicating a need for respect and seeking social status.

Wearing black can also be a sign of conventional thinking and a desire to fit in and be normal, with a strong fear of being alienated.


Wearing white could suggest an extroverted, outgoing personality that’s socially confident and not afraid of attention. Depending on how and what is being worn, it could suggest a pride in appearances combined with a need for cleanliness. Those with a desire for cleanliness or perfection naturally pay a great deal of attention to the details, very observant, picking up on every little thing.

Wearing white, for example a simple white T-shirt could suggest a need for simplicity, perhaps not interested in appearances but rather just looking for something functional. This may suggest a practical and conventional thinking person. Likely to be a conformist, perfectionist and may have compulsive, even obsessive tendencies.


In modern times, gray is a mostly stylish and modern color to wear, suggesting appearance is important in a more inner directed way, indicating personal pride is more important. Wearing gray suggests a desire for privacy, not naturally looking for attention, looking to blend in with the crowd. It would imply a more introverted and reserved personality that seeks out alone time to recharge and relax.

Wearing gray probably suggests a more serious or professional temperament that’s often cool and composed, or at least they appear that way. People who are more on the serious side tend to naturally keep their emotions at bay, or perhaps suppress them, which can sometimes come across as aloof or uncaring.

Wearing gray may unconsciously be an expression of their desire for neutrality or open-mindedness. This neutrality or openness has the benefits of being a free thinker and open to ideas and concepts. However, a negative can be indecisiveness due to being open to so many options and ways of thinking.


Red is a striking and attention grabbing powerful color. Wearing red would more than likely indicate that someone was not afraid of attention, perhaps seeking attention, either way it would suggest social confidence, and an extroverted temperament. Their favorite way to relax and recharge is to be around people, friends and strangers alike.

Red is also the color that is most associated or connected with passion and attraction, suggesting that appearing more attractive could be the reason for somebody wearing red. However, it may simply be a favorite color, which doesn’t necessarily suggest anything in particular. Some people have a more inner directed focus, with a desire for self-expression without considering any external meanings.

Red increases energy and encourages spontaneous or impulsive behaviors which is more than likely a reflection of their temperament. Wearing red may also be an external expression of having high levels of physical energy.


Wearing dark blue generally suggests a more conservative person that adheres to traditions. It’s generally serious and reserved which is perhaps a reflection of their temperament. Medium and lighter blues move more towards openness, friendliness, being approachable and uniqueness seeking. However, it depends on the shade, how it’s worn, and how it’s combined with other clothes and colors.


Wearing pink colored clothes maybe an outward expression of a very caring and nurturing person. They are very likely to be in tune with and have a need to express their femininity or feminine traits. They’re likely to be friendly, approachable and extroverted in temperament with a desire to help others, often placing the needs of others before their own.

Guys Wearing Pink

For a guy wearing pink, it would suggest they follow trends and fashion which indicates someone is very clued in, and plays a great deal of attention to the now. Wanting to follow trends has connections to seeking social status, more than likely extroverted in temperament. They’re perhaps high in trait openness, open to possibilities, open to new ways of doing things, and adventurous.

It could also suggest a level of confidence, very secure with their masculinity and a strong identity or sense of self.

Yellow/Bright Colors

Wearing bright colored clothes could be an indicator of an extroverted personality, more than likely thrives on attention from others. Practical thinking, very aware of their surroundings and has high physical and mental energy. It could also suggest unconventional thinking, a need for expression, perhaps has artistic and creative desires.

It could also suggest an introverted and intuitive personality. Artistic and creative desires are likely to be present. However, it probably suggests a person that is very inward thinking, not paying attention to the now, and doesn’t pay attention to trends, not particularly seeking social status or caring about the opinions of others. Outwardly expressing themselves and a need for uniqueness is likely to be very important to them. They’re very likely to be high in a trait called openness which includes being open to ideas and possibilities, creativity, and thrives on variety.

Likely to go with ideas and concepts which are not the most practical, relying more on gut feeling and intuition to make decisions rather than rational or practical thinking.

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