What is the meaning of your watch color, what does it say about you? Despite the fact that a watch is not a necessity anymore, not now that almost everyone has a mobile phone which displays the time. Despite the decline in people wearing them, they are still popular.

Watch color meanings.

Watches still have a functional use; it’s still the quickest way to check the time. They’re also a form of jewelry, allowing us to express ourselves, customize our appearance and display status.

For those of us that have a passion for technology, they can also help us to fulfill those desires. I personally have a fascination with multi-dial analogue (chronograph) watches. Perhaps that says something about me?

I will not be targeting all possible colors in this article, just covering the most common color choices. I will also be grouping together darker and lighter colors, rather than targeting each individual color. I have gone into more detail on the individuals colors on the main pages of this website.

What Does Your Watch Color Mean?

Gold Watch Meaning

Gold is often the choice for those that want to display status, which naturally includes their wealth. These people are usually extroverts with a strong outward focus.

They are often concerned with what others are doing, comparing themselves, then using that comparison as motivation to do better, or to strive for more in a competitive sense. Likely an outgoing personality that values themselves based on wealth, often comparing themselves to others.

Silver Watch Meaning

Silver is often a choice of the temperamentally introverted, and generally the inward looking people. Status is not so important; the choice of silver accessories is a form of expression, or desire for uniqueness and individuality. Depending on the style of watch, it may suggest a strong appreciation for aesthetics, beauty and art in general.  

Expression and uniqueness is important. Aesthetics are important, but they are less focused on the opinions or approval of others. It could also be a conservative choice, of a conservative personality.

Black Watch Meaning

Choosing a black watch would perhaps suggest a strong priority for the common associations of black, such as seriousness, strength and professionalism. Or perhaps the aesthetics are the most important desire of the wearer, likely mixed with the common associations of the color.

Like a silver watch, it would also often suggest a strong priority for individual taste and expression. Aesthetics are very important, with a desire for secrecy.   

White Watch Meaning

Choosing a white watch may suggest an unconscious desire for purity, perfection and cleanliness. Plus, perhaps the other common associations of the color white. It may also suggest they get energy from external sources, which is often linked to those with a more extroverted personality.

Blue & Green Watch Color Meanings

While blue is often a color that suggests the conventional or traditional. As a watch color both blue and green are more on the unconventional side. Either blue or green is likely to be a favorite color, suggesting many of the common associations of both colors are likely to ring true. It certainly shows a priority for self-expression, and a desire for uniqueness.

Individuality is very important, tilting towards a reserved personality with a strong desire for creativity.    

Red & Other Bright Color Meanings

The personality of a person wearing a red watch could really be split into two different personalities. It could suggest a personality that falls in line with the common associations of red. Such as, extroversion, ambition, sociability, passionate, and someone that is very detail orientated.

Or it may suggest a very spacey, inward thinking personality. Someone that doesn’t live in the moment. However, they are very in tuned with their sixth sense/intuitive side, seeing connections between events and situations that others wouldn’t pick up on. With this type of person you get someone who prioritizes their tastes or preferences over the need to fit in with the social norms.      

Bright and strong colors can also give people energy, which could be a motivator for wearing a bright accessory like a watch. Extroverted types tend to require more external stimulation, which they can get from bright lights, patterns and colors.

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