Why are some people fascinated with colors? Is there a connection in terms of personality traits between those people that have a love for colors?

For some people colors are important. Some of us can spend a great deal of time deciding what colors to wear and or what colors to decorate our homes in. This is not the case for everyone, many people have very little interest in colors and they spend very little time thinking about such things.

What personality traits do color lovers share?


People who have a real passion and sensitivity to color and aesthetics tend to share a personality trait called openness. People who are high on the openness trait tend to be creative and imaginative. They are open-minded people with a desire to have new experiences. They like to keep their options open, they are usually flexible with their approach to work.

These people are often messy or disorganized, usually non-traditional and resist authority as their natural temperament finds traditions and authority restricting and limiting. Artists and designers in many forms tend to be high on the openness trait.


Those people with a sensitivity to color tend to be introverts. Introverts are generally more sensitive to most things, including environmental changes, environments in general, room layouts, lighting, experiences in general, and of course, colors.

Introverts tend to be more sensitive due to having what’s known as a high reactive Amgdala. The Amgdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, high reactive emotions, equals high sensitivity. This high sensitivity also makes them more likely to suffer from anxiety or stress.

Other common traits of introverts are, needing alone time to recharge their batteries. They generally dislike small talk. However, they are very talkative and passionate on subjects which interest them. They are often deep thinkers, or big day dreamers. They like variety in life, and they tend to be big picture thinkers.

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Intuitive people are usually not naturally practical in their thinking or naturally aware of their surroundings. They often like ideas that are a little out there, good abstract thinkers.

Intuitive thinkers love ideas and concepts that are a little different and unconventional. They are often self-reflective, and they assign meanings to events and often deeply consider the ramifications of their decisions. They are often thinking either about the past or future, not living in the moment.

Intuitive thinkers generally make decisions based on their gut instincts or feelings rather than practical thinking or factual evidence.

Do you have a fascination with colors, if so, do these personality traits accurately describe you?

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