Taupe Color Meaning

What color is taupe and what is the psychology and meaning of the color taupe? Plus what does it say about your motivations and personality if you choose taupe in interior design and in other areas of your life?

Where does the word Taupe come from?

The word taupe originates from the (French) noun which means Mole. Taupe was used to describe the average color of the French Mole. The first recorded use of the word taupe to describe the color was in the early 1800s.

What Color is Taupe?

Taupe is a mixture of both brown and gray. It isn’t actually one single color, it covers a range of different shades from a brownish gray/tan color to a grayish brown color.

Taupe & Light Taupe Hex

Psychology of Taupe

Taupe’s traits and influences are a mixture of gray’s and brown’s with a few unique influences of its own.

Taupe is a very popular color choice for home decoration and interior design due to its neutral and relaxing appearance and influences. The balance between gray and brown will determine the balance between the comfort and warming influences of brown, and the neutrality of gray.

Taupe encourages neutrality like gray, however with the inclusion of brown it becomes a warmer more comforting color.

Color Taupe Meaning & Affects

Shades where brown is more dominate have more associations with luxury and comfort, while still maintaining a certain degree of neutrality and style.

Personality if you like Taupe?

Taupe is great when combining with a wide variety of other colors with some very stylish, modern and great looking results.

Using taupe in home design would suggest a strong interest in style and appearances, with a preference for modern looking designs. Having a strong interest in design normally suggests a person pays a great deal of attention to details with a strong preference for living in the moment, and is usually a practical thinking person. Also somebody who is very in tune with their five senses.

It could perhaps suggest a preference for the unconventional and nontraditional. People who go against traditions are normally open minded people that like to make up their own rules and often have a problem with authority and restrictions of many kinds. People who are open minded are also usually creative with some form of artistic desire.

Main Influences

  • Taupe encourages relaxation and has general calming influences.
  • Taupe promotes neutrality, which could perhaps lead to indecisive thinking.
  • Taupe is a warm neutral color that encourages feelings of warmth, comfort and contentment.

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