Beige Color Meaning

Beige is a popular color in home decoration/Interior design. What is the meaning and psychology, including influences of the color beige? Plus what does it suggest about your personality if you choose beige in certain areas of your life?

What Color is Beige?

The color Beige comes from a combination of a light/pale gray, brown and yellow. However it’s most commonly considered to be a pale yellow color. Beige is not one exact color, much like Taupe it has varying shades and degrees of the color.

Some of the most common shade variations are, French Beige, Cream, Tuscan, Desert Sand, Mode Beige, Khaki, Unbleached Silk and Ecru.

Beige Color Shades

The word Beige originated in France around the mid ninetieth century. It was the color name given to the natural color of wool.

Home Decoration/Interior Design

Beige is a very popular color in home design and decoration. Beige provides a good balance of neutrality, calm and comfort which is ideal for the home.

Color Beige Home Interior Design

While being a very popular choice it would also perhaps suggest conventional thinking and a focus on the basics, such as family, comfort and relaxation. It suggests a desire for a warm and relaxing environment, combined with a need for a clean living area.

Wearing Beige

To wear beige suggests a desire for comfort, neutrality and perhaps conformity. Someone is not looking to stand out, they want to blend in with the crowd. It could also suggest a compulsion for cleanliness, similar to wearing white, however unlike white they are looking for something a little more comforting, perhaps with more emotion and life.

Wearing beige may suggest a desire for visual or color coordination as it blends well with many skin tones, which may be connected to a psychological desire for order, organisation and symmetry. Having a desire for color coordination shows a strong interest in aesthetics, they likely appreciate art in many forms.

It would likely mean a desire for the natural or naked look, depending on the shade. This could suggest a desire for the natural in other areas of their life, for example a tilting towards natural and organic foods, limiting artificial cosmetics and air fresheners.

Personality if you like Beige

You focus on the basic things in life, such as simple comforts, friends and family, you’re friendly, welcoming and helpful to others. You tend to prefer the conventional, not looking to stand out, you have a strong desire to be seen as normal, to be part of the majority. You’re not naturally impulsive, but you may have obsessive compulsive tendencies for cleanliness.

Influences of Beige

  • Beige has relaxing and comforting influences.
  • Beige encourages feelings of warmth and calmness.
  • Beige also promotes a general sense of neutrality and impartial thinking.