What is the symbolic meaning and psychology of the color indigo, including what is associated with the color? How can it affect behavior and what does it say about your personality if it’s your favorite color?

What Color is Indigo & HEX Codes

The color indigo is created out of a combination of blue and violet/purple and falls somewhere into the middle of those colors. Indigo can vary in shades to some degree. It’s also one of the colors of the rainbow. Different variations of Indigo are, Deep Indigo, Tropical Indigo, Web Indigo and Electric Indigo.

Indigo color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

Records show that the first time indigo was used or connected to the color in the English language was in the late 13th century.

Color Indigo Meaning

Indigo shares many of its meanings with violet. It’s associated with mystical powers, intuition and higher levels of perception and different levels of consciousness. Indigo is also linked to sincerity, and having integrity, also knowledge, wisdom, fairness, conformity and tradition.

What does it mean to wear Indigo?

It is uncommon to see someone wearing the color indigo, which would suggest unconventional thinking. It would show a priority for being different. It would definitely indicate an intuitive inward-thinking personality. Intuitive thinkers often have good imaginations, and they are creative in some sense.

Their need to express themselves would be greater than the need to fit in with the crowd. It’s a dark color, so they would not particularly be looking for attention or wanting to be noticed. They would more than likely be thoughtful, intuitive, and in touch with their emotions. Also, introverted in personality, with a strong desire to be different and to do things their own way.

The above only applies if someone has chosen indigo purposefully. However, it’s easy to confuse the color of indigo with other dark shades of blue, like navy blue. If someone is just looking for a dark blue color, it would more than likely just suggest a serious personality type, not looking for attention, and reserved in temperament. They may have no or little desire for expression or creativity, with a no-nonsense, straight talking, focus on the basics type of attitude to life.

Personality if Indigo is your Favorite Color

You have a fascination with the mysterious and the unknown. You naturally lean towards traditions and conforming to the majority, and not what you would call a spontaneous person. You pride yourself on being honest and acting with integrity. You are also very spiritual and seek wisdom on a deep inner level.

Indigo Color Combinations

Colors that go well with indigo.

Colors that go well with indigo include white and chartreuse. Orange and red can also create a nice contrast or combination, depending on where it’s being used.

Influences – The color indigo promotes deep thinking and relaxation, which naturally encourages meditation. Indigo is often associated with the performing arts, and it promotes artistic thinking and general creativity. Indigo can also influence us to conform with traditions which can be difficult to break out from. It can take away and drain physical energy, and discourage spontaneous behaviors and decision-making.