The rainbow is an amazing natural phenomenon, it’s beautiful and mysterious and there are many myths about the meaning and significance of the rainbow and its colors. What are the colors of the rainbow, including symbolism and religious meanings?

Meanings of the colors of the rainbow.

How is a Rainbow Created?

When you see a rainbow the sun will always be behind you, and it’s the rain drops in front of you that separate the colors into the colors of the spectrum.

Create the Colors of the Rainbow yourself

You can create the colors of the rainbow yourself by using a Prism, which is a triangular piece of glass. Once you have a Prism you simply need to shine a focused beam of sunlight into one of the sides of the prism. If you don’t have a prism you can get a similar effect with a clear glass container that allows you to fill it with water, like a test tube for example.

Rainbow Colors Prism

Rainbows and the Bible

Rainbows also have meaning and significance in the bible. A rainbow was said to of appeared in the story of Noah’s Ark, appearing after the great flood. Certain colors of the rainbow are also linked to Angels.

Seven Colors of the Rainbow and their Meanings


Red is the color at the top of the rainbow, it has the longest wavelength. It’s linked to vitality, passion and lust. It’s a physical and high energy color that can sometimes turn to anger and aggression. Red is the color of the Angel Uriel, who represents Energy.

Red is associated with.

  • Physical energy
  • Passion
  • Aggression
  • Security


Orange is a mix of yellow and red, it’s energetic like red, however it also encourages mental energy as well as physical.

Orange has connections to.

  • Fun & Enjoyment
  • Creativity
  • Exploring


Yellow is created in light by a mixture of the colors red and green. Yellow is the color of the sun, warmth and energy. With its connections to the sun, it is life giving and creating. Yellow is the color of the Angel Jophiel, who represents Wisdom.

Yellow has connections to.

  • Happiness
  • Communication
  • Clear & Analytical thinking


Green is the color of nature and growth. It’s the color of plant life, trees and grass which so much other life relies on to survive. Green is the color of the Angel Gabriel, who represents Revelation.

Green promotes and associates with.

  • Health
  • Nature
  • Growth
  • Wealth
Rainbow Color Meaning


Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, it’s spiritual, peace inspiring, relaxing and promotes trust. Blue is the color of the Angel Micheal, leader of the angels.

Blue has the following influences and associations.

  • Calming
  • Peaceful
  • Knowledge
  • Communication


Indigo is a mix of dark blue and purple, it’s the color of the sky at midnight. It encourages deep thinking and a deeper more complex understanding of ourselves.

Indigo has connections to.

  • Spiritualism
  • Mysteriousness
  • Inward thinking


Violet is created from the colors blue and red. It’s basically a lighter shade of purple and it shares many of the same traits. It’s an attractive, feminine and mysterious color.

Violet is associated with.

  • Mystery
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Royalty
  • Luxury

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