What are the main colors of Christmas? Why did they become the main Christmas colors, and what meaning do they have in Christianity?

Christmas colors and meanings.

The two colors that are the most traditionally associated with Christmas are red and green. However, there are others, and we will be taking a look at these colors and more.

Christmas Colors & Their Meanings


Red in Christianity is symbolic of the blood of Christ and holly berries. The shrub of the holly plant is associated with the crown of thorns that Christ wore during his crucifixion, and also, eternal life. Red is also the color of the apples on the forbidden tree, therefore the color is associated with original sin.  

Santa Claus is extremely recognizable by his red suit. Santa Claus’s red suit originates from the color of the robes that bishops would wear, including St. Nicholas. Many decorations are red, including Christmas paper and Christmas cards.


Green Christmas color meaning.

Green is the color of Evergreen Christmas trees. These trees are known for being green throughout the year. Every other tree loses its leaves and green color in the winter, but the evergreen remains green. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that they are a symbol of immortality and life. Santa’s little helpers, the Elves, are depicted wearing green garments.

Other evergreen plants include the Mistletoe, Ivy, Pine Tree and Holly.


Christmas color, white meaning.

White in Christianity is associated with purity and cleanliness of the soul. Jesus Christ was seen as pure and without sin. Those who confess their sins and who ask for forgiveness seek to clean their soul, to purify themselves. This process is sometimes described as making the soul, or self, whiter. White is also obviously associated with the winter season and snow.


Gold is mostly associated with Christmas because of the three wise men. It is stated that it was a golden star, the star of Bethlehem that the men followed, which led them to the baby Jesus. Gold was also one of the gifts given to Jesus. Gold is also associated with sunlight, which is the bringer of life, and immortality.


Mary is often depicted wearing the color blue. Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. During this age, wearing blue was rare because blue pigment was difficult to produce. Only those of importance and wealth would wear blue. Dark blue is also often considered the color of the sky at night. It was the stars and the night sky when the three wise men found the baby Jesus.

Purple, blue, silver, green, gold and red Christmas color meanings.


The color purple has significance in the Christian Advent. Church altars are covered with purple cloth. Purple signifies repentance and is associated with the process of fasting. Purple candles are symbolically used in the church. The angel, Bethlehem and the first candles used for the Advent are purple.


The Christian symbolic meaning of silver is divinity, and it’s often used in connection with the birth of Jesus Christ. Some also believe that the star of Bethlehem was a silver star. Silver is very popular and common with Christmas decorations.


Pink is not a well-known Christmas color. However, pink is used in Advent. It symbols the shift from repentance to celebration. You will be forgiven for not knowing this because it’s certainly a lesser known and displayed Christmas color.

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