What are the different metallic colors, including common usage, hex codes, and what meanings they may have?

Metallic colors and meanings

What are Metallic Colors?

This may seem obvious, but metallic colors are colors that have a metallic appearance. So, they are shiny, sparkly, pearlescent, and have reflective properties.

The most common metallic colors are gold, silver, and bronze. Other colors include nickel, chrome, and platinum. However, any color can have a metallic variation.

Common Usages

Car manufacturers have been using metallic paints for decades. My first car was a metallic blue. I believe it was called maltese blue, or something like that. Metallic car paint can appear sparkly and glittery when looked at closely. Metal dust is added to the paint to give it its metallic appearance.

Metallic objects and colors are commonly used for the decorations of special occasions and party events.

Art and design. Artists in the past that wanted to give something a metallic look in their paintings would add glitter to replicate the sparkly appearance of a metallic object. In modern times, metallic paint can be purchased with added metallic dust, similar to car paint.

In fashion, metallic clothing and accessories are worn to add some glamour to one’s outfit.

With technology and home appliances, metallic appearances and colors give an impression of high quality and luxury. These items will also often appear very futuristic.

Metallic colors and objects are used with interior design to add some sophistication and elegance to the design.

Meaning of Metallic Colors

Metallic colors such as gold, silver, and bronze generally throughout history have represented elegance, wealth, and prestige.

Bronze and copper are basically metallic browns. They share many of the associations of brown, such as comfort, stability, strength, and reliability. However, they have the extra added meanings of elegance and respectability.

Iron is strong and serious. It’s certainly not flashy, after attention, or materialistic. It’s the strong silent type.

Brass, its meanings are somewhere between gold and bronze. It could be described as a subtle gold, with fewer connections to materialism.

Platinum, in terms of color is similar to silver but lighter. Platinum is often associated with high value, wealth, and importance. A platinum credit card, or a platinum plan suggest high status, or a top tier product or service. It’s often placed above gold in the hierarchy, but lower than diamond.   

Metallic red, green, and blue rings.

In modern times, with a wider selection of metallic colors, such as red, blue, and green. These are seen as more modern and futuristic design colors.

They are also associated with fun, glamour, and joy because metallic and sparkly materials are often used for parties and celebrations, including Christmas.

Below I will give you the hex codes for various metallic colors. However, the metallic aspect of the color can’t really be shown or replicated on a standard computer color palette. This is because to truly see the metallic properties requires various lighting angles. Also, objects in the environment that can be reflected on the metallic surface.

Metallic Colors Hex Codes

Gold #FFD700

Silver #C0C0C0

Bronze #CE7F32

Platinum #E4E3E0

Copper #BA7432

Nickel #6E706E

Chrome #DAE1E8

Brass #B6A740


Metallic colors 3d render.

Metallic colors can be created using 3d rendering software, and game engines. These types of software are able to simulate the required lighting and environment needed to properly view and appreciate metallic colors and surfaces.

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