In the world of Star Wars, the lightsaber is one of the most memorable and iconic objects within that universe. So what are the lightsaber color meanings for red, green, blue, purple and others, the weapons of the Jedi and Sith mean?

Lightsaber Color Meanings

Lightsabers actually get their color from what are known as kyber crystals. However other objects, stones and technology can be used as an alternative to kyber crystals. The saber handle includes a power cell that sends energy through the crystal, creating the laser or light blade.

Kyber crystals also have to be prepared by a force user before being used to create a lightsaber. This process reportedly takes a great deal of effort and concentration from either a Jedi or Sith.

Once the crystal is prepared by the force user, the crystal changes color and adapts to the specific Jedi. The lightsaber color is also believed to be related to the type, or class of a Jedi.

You will often find different meanings for each lightsaber color, especially the less common saber colors. Some of the meanings stem from official cannon explanations, movies, animated tv series, games, and others are simply fan theories.   

Lightsaber Symbolic Meaning

A lightsaber is commonly seen as a symbol for power, skill, wisdom, control, balance, dedication, sophistication, and generally being of a more evolved and civilized nature.

Lightsaber Color Meanings

Blue Lightsaber

Blue Lightsaber Meaning.

Blue lightsaber wielders are called Jedi Guardians. Jedi Guardians are more physical in their methods, and focus more on their lightsaber fighting style, rather than their force powers. These Jedi are generally more likely to engage in saber combat.

Green Lightsaber

Green lightsaber users were known as Jedi Consular’s. Jedi Consular’s are more reflective, and dig deeper with their studies of the force, these Jedi are generally more philosophical. They tend to be more diplomacy orientated, generally more hesitant to engage their lightsaber.    

Red Lightsaber

Red is the color of the lightsabers used by the Sith. The crystals used to create the red color are said to be artificially created, and turn red in color due to the darkness inside of the force user. This process or corruption of the crystal is also referred to as making the crystal bleed. Red has often symbolically and cross-culturally been associated with evil.    

Purple Lightsaber

Purple Lightsaber Color Meaning.

In the prequel movies, Mace Windu wields a purple lightsaber, and many have speculated and theorized to why this is so. One common theory is that Mace Windu utilises both the light and the dark aspects of the force, because purple is created by mixing colors red and blue, in additive (light) color theory.

Sometimes different colors can be used to display differing levels of authority and skill, and Mace Windu was one of the most powerful Jedi’s. Samual L Jackson who played the character admits that he simply wanted a purple lightsaber, so he could spot himself in one of the large battle scenes in episode II Attack of the Clones. Also maybe it’s a favorite color, or perhaps it was a psychological desire to be unique.

Mara Jade also wielded a Purple saber, this was likely a gender preference, due to purple often being associated with the feminine.   

Yellow Lightsaber

Yellow is the saber color of the Jedi Sentinel, the sentinel is a Jedi who has a particular balance of academic study and combat training. Other sources suggest yellow lightsabers were used by Jedi Assassins, which hunted down those who practised the dark side of the force.

Orange Lightsaber

Orange Lightsaber Color Meaning.

Orange sabers are believed to be very rare and ancient. Not much is known about their meaning, however some theorize that a Jedi owner studies both the light and dark aspects of the force. Orange is created in additive (light) color theory by combining colors green and red, however with a stronger influence from red.

Some speculate that they were once red sabers, and that a light side force user has attempted to heal or purify the crystal, lightening its color.

White Lightsaber

Imperial Knights wielded white lightsabers. Imperial knights were used as internal security for the empire. These were very basic sabers, and being white in color may suggest a lack of connection to the force by the wielder.

One main explanation is that a white saber is the result of the purification of a red crystal formed from a Sith. The Jedi has to be more powerful than the Sith that created the red saber. When all of the negativity and darkness has been removed, the saber blade turns white.

Another theory about the white saber is that it’s the result of a force user that’s neutral, not a Jedi and not a Sith. Someone powerful, however they have no allegiance to either the light side or the dark side.

Black/Dark Lightsabers color meanings    

Black/Dark lightsabers were believed to be extremely rare, only known to be used by some of the most brutal and ruthless of the Sith.

Some of the lore about the black or dark saber is that, only one of them is known to of ever existed, and it can only be acquired by killing or defeating the current wielder/owner. It’s dark weapon in more ways than one, it’s truly a weapon of death.

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