Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. In this article we are taking a look at the June birthstone color and its meanings. This month is particularly interesting to me, as it’s my birthday month.

The month of June actually has three birthstones associated with it. The most commonly known is the pearl, and more recently, the moonstone and alexandrite stones are also classed as June birthstones. So, if one birthstone does not suit your personality, you have two others to choose from.

June Birthstone Color & Meanings


June birthstone the Pearl.

Pearls are created by oysters, which are a type of mollusc. Their creation is the result of a form of compression which can take up to 8 years to complete. The pearl is made of what is known as calcium carbonate. They are mostly almost completely spherical. However, not always; some can have a distorted shape. They are widely considered gemstones, rare and valuable. Pearls were often worn by royalty throughout history, and still are to this day.

The word pearl is often included in phrases to suggest something is rare and valuable. Something that makes pearls even more unique is that they are the only known gemstones to be created by an animal. All other gemstones are created by the earth and the compression of different elements and minerals.

The color that pearls are most commonly known for is white, or more of an off-white or cream color. They also come in a range of different colors, including gray, blue, green, lavender, and even black.

June Birthstone Color Meanings – Pearl

Pearls are often and probably most commonly symbolic of perfectionism and purity. In mythological history, pearls were believed to and were used as a form of protection; they were used as a part of talismans, to fight off negative energies and supernatural entities from beyond this world.

The pearl is also associated with being introspective, helping people to discover their meanings of life and recover from an existential crisis.


Moonstone June birthstone.

The Moonstone is classed as an ethereal gem. They are minerals, made mostly of sodium, potassium and aluminium silicate. The stone is relativity fragile compared to other gemstones.

It can often be described as colorless, white, and gray; considered the color of the moon, hence the name. They can also be found with a brown, green, bluish, and a peachy coloration. The more colorless or transparent the stone, the more pure it is, therefore the more valuable it is.  

June Birthstone Color Meanings – Moonstone

To no surprise, the moonstone is linked strongly to the moon, particularly the moon’s energy. The energy that the moon emits is linked to balance and harmony. The moon provides a source of light in the darkness that is night. With that in mind, moon light is symbolic of a pathway leading out of the darkness, metaphorically and literally speaking.

The moon is also symbolic of the feminine, female energy, sensuality and fertility.     


Alexandrite june birthstones.

Alexandrite was found in mountainous regions of Russia, and it’s extremely rare, it’s believed that only a small number of people have even laid their eyes upon one. This rarity naturally makes them expensive. The Alexandrite stone is perhaps best known for its color changing ability. The Alexandrite has a green blue coloration in good daylight, then changing to red purple in incandescent or artificial light. The stronger the green and red coloration, the more valuable the stone generally is.  

June Birthstone Color Meanings – Alexandrite

The Alexandrite stone is believed to help you achieve your goals in both your personal and professional life. It’s also believed to strengthen your aura’s energy, and enhance the ability to sense the energy emanating from others. Positive energies are drawn to the stone, and it allows someone to sense and avoid negative energy from others. Alexandrite gemstones are also linked to foresight and predicting the future.