What is your Birthstone Color and their meanings? Ranging from the months January to December. There is a birthstone connected to each month of the year, and each birthstone has its own particular meaning.

Could knowing yours, or somebody else’s birthstone color and type shed some light about their personality traits?

The belief that different gem stones and their colors provide certain influential properties has been around since the beginning of civilization itself. These symbolic meanings and influences range from healing properties, to warding off malevolent entities or spirits.

Birthstone Color Meanings & Personality

January Birthstone Garnet

January Birthstone Garnet Meaning

The Garnet stone ranges in colors, it’s most commonly a medium to dark red color, however it can vary between pink and dark red, almost black.

The Garnet stone was believed to help people get through dark and bad times, and also to prevent bad dreams.

Your general personality is reserved and dignified. You’re motivated by achieving high status, and you love and seek the luxurious.

February Birthstone Amethyst

Birthstone Amethyst Meaning.

Amethyst ranges in varying degrees of the colors purple and violet. Ancient Greeks once believed that the Amethyst stone offered protection to the owner or wearer, and to also prevent intoxication.

Amethyst was used to strengthen the connection between people. It was also believed to have calming and peaceful influences.

You’re intuitive, inward thinking and spiritual, often looking for meanings beyond the conventional or normal. You often consider the feelings of others, naturally caring and compassionate.

March Birthstone Aquamarine

Aquamarine Birthstone Meaning

The Aquamarine stone is a light or pale blue color with a greenish tint to it. It’s often compared to the color of the ocean.

Aquamarine was often carried by sailors and sea lovers as it was believed to protect those who sailed the oceans. It was associated with healing of the stomach, liver and mouth, and its powers of healing would be heightened when immersed in water.

You’re naturally objective in your thinking, good at not letting your personal biases influence your judgments. You seek calmness and composure and you mostly keep your cool when under pressure.

April Birthstone Diamond

April Birthstone Diamond

Diamonds can range in color from what is effectively clear or colorless to different shades of blue, purple, pale pinkish tones and even yellow and orange tones.

Diamonds are among the rarest, strongest and the most beautiful materials on the planet earth.

You’re often a perfectionist, you aspire for cleanliness and purity. You also have strength of character, your morals and ethics are dominate in your life.

May Birthstone Emerald

Birthstone Emerald Meaning - May

Emeralds are rich in the color green, ranging from lighter and darker shades of green.

Emeralds like green have strong associations with the power of healing and health in general. The emerald stone was also believed to encourage seeking knowledge and wisdom.

You have a reserved personality, you enjoy and often seek out your own company to think and reflex. You’re naturally drawn to nature as you find it very relaxing, healing and energizing.

June Birthstone Pearl

Birthstone Pearl Meaning - June

Pearls also known as moon stones range in different colors, these colors include the more widely known white, gray, also cream, peach, blue, gold and black.

Pearls are associated with giving luck to whoever wears them. In ancient times they were also once believed to be the joyous tears of the Gods.

You’re very open minded, open to new possibilities, thoughts and experiences. You’re an open book, very honest, perhaps too honest.

July Birthstone Ruby

Birthstone Ruby Meaning

The Ruby is well known for its strong Red color, however you can also find some different color variations such as pink/purplish and even brownish shades.

Ruby comes from the Latin word ruber which means red. The Ruby stone is not associated with any particular influence or effect, rather a general connection to magic and mystical powers.

You’re energetic, competitive and thrive on challenges, especially physical challenges. You can often be impulsive, leaping before looking.

August Birthstone Peridot

August Birthstone Peridot Meaning

The Peridot stone is most commonly a rich lime green color, however lighter and darker shades are sometimes found.

The Peridot stone was once believed to help ward off evil. The gem stone is also believed to be strongly connected to nature.

You’re an unconventional thinker, you like to go against the norms and do things different, a good innovator. You also have deep connections to nature.

September Birthstone Sapphire

September Birthstone Sapphire Meaning

Sapphires are mostly blue/indigo in color however it’s not uncommon to find yellow, white and pinkish ones.

Sapphires have strong connections to Christianity, often used in wedding rings and a favorite gem stone of the church.

You’re naturally calm and reserved in character. You seek knowledge and wisdom. You can sometimes be cold, aloof and lack compassion.

October Birthstone Opal

October Birthstone Opal Meaning

The Opal stone is a tricky one when trying to assign a color to it. Opal stones include blue, green, red and yellow. The main shade of the stone can vary from a rich blue or pale blue, light gray to black.

The Opal stone is believed to have healing powers and to increase happiness and generally increase positive feelings.

You’re often neutral in situations and in your thinking, very open minded, however sometimes you struggle with being indecisive.

November Birthstone Citrine

November Birthstone Citrine Meaning

The Citrine Stone has a yellow and/or golden tone to it. It’s a very rare stone to find naturally.

Early mankind once believed the citrine stone helped to fight off negative thoughts, and it was also believed to have anti venomous and antioxidant properties.

You’re naturally optimistic, outgoing and friendly. Seeking social status is important to you. You have high mental energy and you’re a quick thinker.

December Birthstone Blue Topaz

December Birthstone Blue Topaz Meaning

The Topaz stone is mostly blue, however imperfections result in various different colors, such as yellow, gold and pinkish tints.

The Topaz stone is considered to encourage concentration, focus and clear thinking.

You seek in depth knowledge in subjects that interest you. You enjoy your own company to think, seeking to understand. You have high levels of focus, able to immerse yourself in ideas and concepts.

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