What is the meaning of candle colors, and how were they used historically and spiritually, including their connections to meditation, healing, magic and witchcraft? Different color candles have their own unique symbolic meanings, and were very important in the creation of spells and rituals, drawing in different energies for various different purposes.

Candle color meanings.

Different candle colors can be used in much the same way as color healing and therapy, also relating to the seven chakras and their colors. They are believed to produce energy for healing and achieving balance within the body. Color therapy is still practiced currently.

Meaning of Candle Colors

White Candles

White Color Candle Meaning.

White candles were often used in churches and places of worship. The white candle represents truth, peacefulness, purity and innocence. It was also associated with the power to cleanse and to repel evil, and all that is deemed negative.

In witchcraft they were used for spiritual growth and advancement, for healing purposes and they represented new beginnings or fresh starts.        

Black Candles

Black candles were believed to absorb negative energy, therefore often used to fend off black magic. They were also believed to increase a person’s inner strength, increasing the ability to endure difficult situations.

In dream psychology black often represents the unconscious, and it’s the same here. Black candles were believed to help someone reach those deeper levels of the unconscious, helping one to discover those hidden aspects of ourselves.         

Red Candles

Red Color Candle Meaning.

Red candles were used to bring in new energy. They were often used in combination with black candles. Black candles would be ignited to dispel the negative energy, and then the red candles used to draw in new more positive energy.

Purple Candles

Purple is the color most associated with spirituality, intuition and mysticism. Burning of a purple color candle was used to enhance spiritual connections, psychic powers and intuition. Intuition is also known as a sixth sense, or the third eye in the seven chakras.

Blue Candles

Blue, like purple candles has connections to enhancing psychic powers. They were also believed to help attain emotional balance and recovery, and to achieve a sense of tranquility.

Yellow Candles

Yellow candles were believed to enhance creativity, and bring more success to any artistic endeavors. They were often used when someone was struggling with developing new ideas, and when low on motivation and inspiration.

Green Candles

Green Color Candle Meaning.

Generally green candles were believed to help with healing, life and growth. They were sometimes used by farmers, believing they would bring luck and good fortune with regards to their agricultural work.     

In America, because of the associations with green and money, burning a green candle was believed to bring luck with some financial endeavor.

Brown Candles

Witches used brown color candles to as a way of connecting with the earth and the animals. They’re also believed to help with being pragmatic, making good decisions and promoting stability, or building a stable foundation.

Orange Candles

Orange Candle Color Meaning.

Orange color candles were used in witchcraft, believing they would bring good luck. Their meanings also share many of the common associations of orange, they were used to inject positive energy into a room, and this energy also encourages social interactions.

Gray Candles

Gray candles were burned in witchcraft to neutralize negative energy, and to generally promote neutrality. They were also burned when seeking to gain knowledge and wisdom.  

Silver Candles

Silver has similar meanings to gray, however silver has a particular connection to the moon and psychic energy. In mythology, the moon, therefore silver was associated with feminine energy.

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