What is the spiritual and symbolic meaning of purple candles? We investigate the different mystical and magical connections that they have.

The meaning of purple candles.

Purple candles are perhaps the most connected to magic and the mystical of all the different candle colors. The reason why the different candle colors are important is because the different colors emit different energies when ignited.

Purple Candle Spiritual Meanings & Uses

Generally, purple candles are symbolic of divinity and spiritual enlightenment. They are also believed to help to channel thoughts and concentration towards achieving a desired task.

Light purple candles are used to tap into those higher levels of consciousness, and to become more empathic and compassionate. 

Dark purple candles are used by clairvoyants to see the future. They are also used to aid with the pursuit of goals and ambitions.


Purple candles have strong connections to psychic powers. They are often used during meditation when a person is trying to enhance their psychic abilities.

Psychic Readings

When conducting psychic readings, purple candles are believed to help with summoning spirit guides. This is also sometimes referred to as vision quests.


Certain magic spells are connected to burning a purple candle. For the spells to work, the candle must be ignited on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are connected to the color purple. One of these spells is called the ambition spell, which helps you achieve your ambitions.

Some tall purple candles are known as seven-day candles. These are designed to burn continuously for seven days. They can be used to banish negative energies or spirits, or simply to increase psychic powers.

Another spell helps to cure insomnia by aligning and bringing out a person’s deep spiritual self.

Astral Projection

Igniting a purple candle is believed to help with achieving astral projection, the practise of intentionally getting your soul to leave your body.


During séances, purple and white candles are considered divine, and they are used to provide protection from any negative energy or spirits.

Zodiac Signs

Purple is connected to the following four different zodiac signs: Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. If you fall under one of these zodiac signs, burning a purple candle may be particularly beneficial to you. 


Igniting a purple color candle is said to enhance spiritual energies. They are said to strengthen your connection with your divine-self, therefore aiding with healing the spiritual-self. They are also believed to help when trying to connect with angels.


Purple candles are linked to the crown chakra, which is associated with making a connection to your higher self, and in general leading towards enlightenment.

Tarot Readings

Using a purple candle can help with your tarot readings. If you meditate on an ignited purple candle before your tarot reading, it’s believed to increase the accuracy and productivity of your reading.