Listing popular tints and dark shades of purple, including color names of the different variations, with Hex and RGB color codes. This resource provides many of the most popular variations of the light and dark shades of the secondary RYB color, purple. This list aims to be useful for graphic designers, motion and website designing, and interior designers.

Shades of Purple & Hex Codes.

Purple and its varying shades are common colors in the natural world with blossoming flowers. It’s also very popular, and often a favorite color for women, it was my mothers favorite color. The most popular shades of purple include, Lavender, Lilac, Amethyst, and Mauve is very popular in the world of interior design.


HEX #850085

RGB 133 0 133

On the RGB model Purple is a shade of Magenta. In paint it’s created by mixing Red and Blue. It’s made up of only Red and Blue, however it moves towards black which makes it dark.

Shades of Purple – Names & Color Codes

Light Purple

HEX #F364F8

RGB 243 100 248

Dark Purple

HEX #5C0064

RGB 92 0 100


HEX #9000FF

RGB 144 0 255

Violet has the lowest wavelength on the visible spectrum, it’s a light purple blue color.



RGB 200 163 201

Lilac is a light tint of purple with a slight violet tone, resembling the average color of the Lilac flower.



RGB 191 148 228

Lavender is a rich light tint with a blue undertone to it. See the link for more on Lilac and Lavender colors.


HEX #9866C7

RGB 152 102 199

Iris is a medium light tint, with a violet/blue tone, it’s the color of the Iris flower.


HEX #957A81

RGB 149 122 129

Mauve color is a low brightness, and a very pale tint and somewhat popular with interior design.


HEX #311465

RGB 49 20 101

Eggplant is deep shade with a blue or brown tone, representing the skin color of eggplants found in certain European regions.  



RGB 164 94 233

Amethyst is a bright tint of purple and represents the common color of the Amethyst crystal. 


HEX #4B0076

RGB 75 0 118

Indigo color is deep and one of the more popular shades of purple with a strong blue tone, however it has a few variations shown below.

Deep Indigo


RGB 138 43 228

Electric Indigo


RGB 111 0 255

Tropical Indigo


RGB 154 135 237


HEX #592693

RGB 89 38 147

Grape is a medium dark shade of purple. Grapes come in a few different colors, some varieties can resemble this dark purple shade.



RGB 175 105 237

Orchid is a light tint and representative of the average color of the Orchid flower.

Purple Amethyst color palette.



RGB 180 126 228

Floral is a light tint with a blue undertone, this is very similar to Lavender.

Dark Violet

HEX #9704D5

RGB 151 4 213


HEX #601A3E

RGB 96 26 62

Plum is a dark purple with a red and brownish tinge, it’s the common or average color of the plum fruit.


HEX #2C041D

RGB 44 4 29

Wine purple is a dark shade with a red and brown appearance.


HEX #29021A

RGB 41 2 26

Raisin is a dark shade of purple with a reddish influence.



RGB 165 11 94

This is the color of Jazzberry Jam, it’s a purple which has a medium brightness with a red tinge.  



RGB 204 204 255

Periwinkle purple is light tint with a relativity strong undertone of blue.


HEX #4C0212

RGB 76 2 18

Named after Mulberry Jam, it’s a relativity weak shade of purple with a red undertone.



RGB 158 123 179

Heather is a light tint and weaker purple variation, it’s a common color used with the creation of fabrics.


HEX #4D0F28

RGB 77 15 40

Sangria is a deep dark shade named after the wine, it has a reddish influence.


HEX #873260

RGB 153 50 96

Boysenberry is a deep purple representing the dark color of the berry. It’s also made up of red and magenta.

Dark Magenta

HEX #8B008B

RGB 139 0 139

Dark Magenta is a bright and strong variation, it’s made from red and violet and it has a pinkish tinge.



RGB 189 2 252

Electric is definitely on the list for one of the most attractive shades of purple, it’s a mix of purple and magenta.



RGB 125 85 175

Royal purple represent a color that was once worn and used by royalty, when only royalty could afford the dye.



RGB 218 112 250

Heliotrope is a light tint of purple, more like violet with a pinkish tinge. It comes from the flower of the same name.

Purple flowers palette.