What color is Mauve, plus what is its meanings, what associations and psychological influences does it have? Also, what does it say about your personality if the color mauve is a favorite color or if you like to wear it?

What color is Mauve?

The color mauve is a variant and a darker yet paler shade of purple. It also has a few different shades, which are, Opera Mauve, Old Mauve, French Mauve and Rich Mauve.

Mauve color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

Origins of the Color Mauve?

Mauve originates from France. It is named after the mallow flower. Mallow translates to Mauve in English. The word Mauve was first used in the late 18th century.

The color mauve was first used in a commercial sense in the mid 19th century. William Henry Perkin was a chemist trying to develop a cure for malaria. During his experiments, an unexpected purplish substance was created which gained his attention. This substance became a new aniline dye, which was later marketed as Mauve in the mid 19th century.

Interior Design

The color mauve is ideal for those that love purple. However, they want something that’s more subtle and neutral. Mauve embodies many of the aspects and traits of purple, but it’s more diluted, less strong and less prominent.

Choosing Mauve for interior design would suggest somewhat unconventional decision making, a part motivator for unconventional thinking is a desire to be unique. Being able to express their tastes and desires would be very important to them.

Likely to be high in a trait called openness, which is connected to a particular passion for aesthetics and perhaps artistic desire. It would suggest a love for elegance and luxury in a reserved none-attention seeking way.

Wearing Mauve Meaning

Wearing mauve would show a reserved none-attention seeking yet expressive temperament. They’re likely to be highly intuitive, likes the abstract and none practical. It could suggest someone wasn’t focused on the current moment, often living in the past or future, and doesn’t follow or pay attention to fashion or trends. Their own personal expression and taste takes priority. The exception to this, of course, is, if mauve was actually trending in the world of fashion and interior design.

Personality if Mauve is a favorite Color?

You’re reserved and introverted in character, and you like concepts that are abstract, unproven, and you’re an idealistic thinker. You have a fascination with things that are spiritual and mystical, and you consider yourself to have great intuition. Self-expression is important to you, and you may very well have strong artistic and creative desires.

You don’t focus on being popular or achieving high social status. You’re also a compassionate person, but you sometimes suppress your feelings.

Mauve Color Combinations

Colors that go well with mauve.

Colors that go well with mauve are black, white, maroon and burgundy, particularly with interior design. Tan and certain shades of brown can also work well.

Influences & Psychology – Mauve subtly encourages the use of our intuition and spiritual thinking. It also promotes femininity and showing compassion for others.