What color is Periwinkle? Including its meaning, psychology and influences, plus what does it say about your personality if it’s a much liked, or favorite color?

The color periwinkle gets its name from the flower (Vinca Minor) which can be found in some central and southern European countries, as-well as some parts of Asia. Records reveal that 1922 was the earliest date that the name periwinkle was assigned to the color.

Color Periwinkle

Periwinkle color Hex codes and meanings.

The color periwinkle is a light/pale blue/violet tint, sometimes referred to as a light or pale purple/indigo color. However it resembles more of a pale blue than violet. It’s also sometimes referred to as lavender blue.

Periwinkle has many of the same meanings and associations as general light blue tints, such associations as freshness, cleanliness and tranquility. It also has a very slight hint of violet, which adds a little uniqueness, intuition, compassion and magic into the mix.  

Periwinkle Meaning & Personality

If the color periwinkle is a favorite color, or perhaps used for interior design it may suggest a desire to be unique, especially with regards to either clothing or interior design. It embodies much of the same characteristics of blue and violet, however as colors get lighter, it moves towards the color white in its meanings.

It’s a personality that’s less conventional and traditional than those who like pure blue, being somewhat open to possibilities and generally more creative in their thinking. It’s also slightly more intuitive, spiritual and emotional. Due to its lightness it suggests a need for cleanliness and purity; these needs are often connected to the personality traits of being orderly, perfectionism, including a desire for symmetry.

Color Combinations

Colors that go with Periwinkle.

Colors that go well with periwinkle include white, cream, beige, and dark blues like navy. In interior design it would be recommended to combine it with a slightly warmer color, otherwise the room would risk looking perhaps too sterile and cold.

Psychology & Influences

The color periwinkle may encourage feelings of peacefulness and serenity. It can also make us feel fresh and clean. You will often find light greens and blues abundant in doctor’s surgeries and dentists, and periwinkle has that similar sterile feel to it. It can also help with concentration and coming up with creative ideas. As a cool color, it can make us feel slightly cooler. As a color moves towards white it also becomes more neutral and passive in its influences, so any influences are more diluted. 

You may also have a positive past experience with the color or flower, this can create a positive association with the tint. In this case it may encourage feelings of comfort and safety.