On this page we are taking a look at both Royal and Navy Blue, two of the most popular shades of blue. Taking a look at the history of these colors, and what type of personality is driven to these shades, and do they have any psychological influences?

Both of these colors are very popular dark shades of the worlds most universally liked color, which of course is blue. They are probably actually the most well known shades or variations of any color.

Navy is a very dark shade of blue. Royal blue is lighter; however it’s defined differently depending on the source. Royal blue varies from a dark shade, sometimes with a hint of purple. On the other hand you have a lighter and brighter tint, which looks more similar to Azure or Sapphire Blue.

Navy vs Royal Blue


Navy Blue, at the time of its first use in 1748 in the British Navy, it was actually referred to as marina blue. It was nearly one hundred years later in 1840 when the name Navy Blue was assigned to the shade. The color was also soon adopted by other navies around the globe. There is also a brighter version of navy blue, created by Crayola.

Royal Blue, was originally named Queens Blue from around the mid 17th century until 1921. It wasn’t until 1921 that it became known as Royal Blue. There are two well known shades of royal blue, a darker (traditional) and lighter (web color) variation. The web version came into existence in 1987. 


This is a hypothesis of personality traits for those that consider either navy or royal blue a favorite color, or if they often wear either color. Dark blue shades are serious, professional and none attention seeking, which also represents trust and stability. These are likely to be characteristics of those who naturally tilt to these shades. It would also suggest someone was conventional, traditional and conservative in their views. They naturally like and respect authority, rules, order and hierarchy.

The lighter variations of navy and royal blue suggests a more unique, open, less traditional and a more creative temperament.

Colors that combine well with these shades

Colors the go well with Navy & Royal Blue.

Navy blue and white is an obvious choice, as seen in navel uniforms. Light neutral tints in general also work, such as, light gray, beige, light taupe and silver. Lighter tints of brown also go well with navy, you can find some good examples of this combination within the world of interior design.       

Influences – These shades promote calmness, order and control. Dark blues are often associated with authority and trust, which can trigger those feelings in those exposed to the shades. They may lead to the suppression of emotions like compassion, and encourage pragmatic and reserved behaviors. The lighter variations are likely to have more calming and tranquil influences.