What is the psychology and symbolic meaning of the color silver, and what does it say about your personality, if silver is your favorite color or if you wear silver jewelry or if you drive a silver car?

Meaning & Symbolism of Color Silver

Silver color meaning and hex codes.

Silver is often symbolic of wealth, similar to gold. It has strong connections to currency and achievement. It’s a precious metal which is more common than gold, which is why it’s seen as less valuable. However, it has a higher value than bronze.

Silver has many different meanings for different cultures and religions. For example, silver in Chinese culture is symbolic of purity and success.

In Egyptian mythology, silver was considered the bones of the Gods. Silver has also been found to be a common metal used at that time due to the amount of Egyptian artefacts, jewelry, and sculptures discovered. In Egypt, silver was also considered to be more valuable than gold.

In ancient Greece, silver was strongly associated with the energy of the moon, and the Greek goddess Artemis. This is why it’s associated with female energy, and having the power to control tides. It was also symbolic of strength and purity.

In the western world, silver was seen as a metal related to purity that could harm and kill many supernatural creatures. Werewolves are the most common example of this. They are said to be vulnerable to silver bullets and knifes. Silver, like gold, is also widely associated with money and wealth.

Generally, in the spiritual and mystical world, silver has symbolic associations with the moon, which has connections to feminine energy. Silver was once believed to bring balance, emotionally and physically, to those exposed to it. It was also believed to have connections to psychic abilities.

Like gold, silver is often worn as jewelry. Silver is more of a masculine color or material, most men choose to wear silver watches more so than gold. Silver is also associated with intelligence, knowledge, maturity, modern, high-tech and futuristic.

Owning a Color Silver Car

The color silver is a popular choice in cars. Why is this? Silver is a safe color, it’s easy to see at night and it tends to hold its value well because of its popularity.

Another reason why silver is such a popular color choice for cars is because it’s very conventional, which would suggest a priority for being conventional or normal, with a desire for conformity, which the majority of people seek.

To buy a silver car is a practical and safe choice to make. However, they can also look modern and stylish, which could also be a motivator for choosing a silver car.

Silver liquid metal.

Wearing Color Silver Meaning

If you prefer wearing silver jewelry or accessorizes to gold, it suggests that you are in touch with your masculine side and that you prefer strength to flashiness. Wearing jewelry, watches or accessorizes suggests that you take pride in your appearance.

However, choosing silver over gold may suggest you’re not looking to stand out or be noticed. It may also mean that you are not seeking approval from others or trying to gain social status. Your own personal taste and preferences are more important than the perceptions of others.

Personality if you Love Silver

You tend to think about the future more than the past, you are not very nostalgic. This future thinking means you have good self-control in most areas of your life in order to make your future a better place.

You are more logical than emotional, your decisions are made by your head rather than your heart.

You seek knowledge and wisdom, you tend to be wise beyond your years.

You have a professional and down to business personality, you don’t like immaturity, especially in the work place.

You are a deep thinker, which often leads you to seeking your own company to give yourself time to think.

You can be arrogant at times, not listening to the opinions of other people, because you think you know better.

Silver personality and effects.

Business & Branding

The color silver is often used in marketing and branding to represent modern and futuristic products. It may also be used for products that target the high classes, the wealthy, and products and services that are geared for the more mature age range.

Silver Phrases or Expressions

Born with a silver spoon: Means someone was born into wealth and opportunity, you could say privileged.

Silver tongued devil: Said to someone who is smooth with their words. They can talk their way out of situations.

Silver Screen: A term given to the big screen, or the cinema screen.

Silver lining: This means something positive that comes out of what seems like a negative situation or event.

Influences – The color silver can be unemotional, non-inspiring, and lifeless. It also promotes organization and professionalism. Silver is believed to have calming, soothing, and impartial influences.


  1. This is a contradiction of Silver personality information from other websites. Other websites say this is an emotional color, but this one says it’s not. Hmm. Needs more research.

    1. The connections to silver and emotion seem to stem from biblical and spiritual sources. While I acknowledge these meanings I’m focusing more on the modern day psychology meanings. I’m happy to offer something different to those other sites. However, more research is always a good idea. Thanks and feel free to make more suggestions.

      1. I view silver as unemotional and sophisticated as well. When I chose to paint my nails a shimmery silver it was because I was feeling emotionally detached, I was refocusing myself on my work and it was a pleasing color to me. The other colors were too bright and lively to fit my mood.

    2. I was thinking the same thing Markie. Silver is sensitive and scientifically is easily attracted to other things. It is nostalgic, not just futuristic.

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