Have you ever given much thought about your eye color? This article looks into the meanings of different eye colors, is there any connection to your characteristics or personality traits?

Eye color meaning.

The color of your eyes is often a genetic trait, inherited from your family but not always. The amount of melanin in your eyes and the amount of light that is let in by your iris also contributes to your eye color.

As the expression goes “the eyes are the window to the soul,” is there any truth to that?

Connection between Eye Color and Personality?

There have been a few different scientific studies to see if there is any link between personality traits and eye color.

Some studies discovered that there is a strong connection between the irises in the eye and the frontal lobes of the brain. They both developed from the same genes. The study also found that people with the same color irises shared some character traits.

Dr. Anthony Fallone said that the eyes are so closely linked to the brain that the eyes could even be considered an external part of the brain itself. The eyes give a lot of different signals to how the brain is working.

Different Eye Color Meanings

Dark Brown or Black Eye color

Dark brown/black eyes is a very rare eye color. It means you have a mysterious, secretive nature and you’re a natural leader, or you are often perceived in that way.

Also if you have dark brown/black eyes you’re very responsible and you take the trust that people give you very seriously. You’re loyal, practical and hard working.

Brown Eye Color Meaning

Brown eye color personality

The most common of all the eye colors, over 50 percent of the population have brown eyes.

You are often perceived as warm, honest and trustworthy, also perhaps predictable, traditional or conventional.

If you have brown eyes you’re confident with people, extroverted in nature, like to meet new people and develop new relationships. You live in the moment and you are practical with a love for nature.

Hazel Eye Color

Hazel is a very rare color in the iris, which could mean you’re a very unique character. They are made up of green and brown eyes, the shades can vary greatly from person to person.

Common perceptions would be that of someone who is open minded or indecisive.

You have an unpredictable personality, changing from an introverted to extroverted personality. Also spontaneous, adaptable, fun loving, likes new experiences and becomes bored quickly.

Blue Eye Color

Blue eye color personality

Blue eyes probably means you have good, mental, emotional and physical strength. Intelligent, straight talking and you like things to be nice and calm and controlled.

You may not always be taken seriously or considered to be a good leader, you have to work for respect. You may also be perceived as lacking warmth and compassion.

You probably have a more introverted personality, cautious and you can sometimes come across as cold and uncaring as your emotions often take a back seat.

Grey Eye Color

Grey eyes are just a dimmer version of blue and you don’t often see someone with them.

You’re likely to be perceived as open minded and flexible, able to adapt well to different people, situations and ways of thinking.

Your openness of mind can also be a negative, as you can be indecisive. Like blue you find it difficult to get taken seriously which can lead you to becoming defensive. It takes a lot to get you angry or aggravated due to your neutral temperament .

Green Eye Color Meaning

Green eye color personality

If you have green eyes you’re in a minority, as green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors in the world.

Green eyes are often perceived as mysterious and even sexy. Similar to dark eyes you can come across as dominate and a natural leader.

You’re more reserved and introverted in personality, similar to those with blue eyes. Usually curious and intelligent however you have difficultly controlling your emotions.

Eye Color Meanings – Final Thoughts

While it maybe true that our eyes are closely linked to our brains, and the eyes can tell us to some degree about how the brain is functioning. With that being said, eye color is not very reliable when it comes to predicting personality traits and general temperaments.

Patterns of behavior could possibly be connected to eye color, however it would be less reliable than say color choices for detecting patterns or predictors of personalities.

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