What is the human aura? and looking into the different aura color meanings. Does your aura color suggest anything about your current state of being, or perhaps your personality traits?

Blue Aura Meaning.

What is the Aura?

The aura is believed to be an electromagnetic field that surrounds all life forms in the universe, including, of course, us humans. The aura emits an energy field which extends outside of the body by around two or three feet.

It’s possible for the color of an aura to change in time. It also changes depending on the emotions and the current state of a person’s well being. Also, our auras often include more than one color. However, one color is always more dominant than the others. Some gifted people are believed to be able to see the energy that our bodies emit (Aura), and even be able to manipulate that energy for healing purposes.

Aura Color Meanings

Red Aura Meaning

Red Aura Meaning.

Red is a powerful color with strong connections to the physical body or items (materialistic). Red can attract or repel, be positive or negative, and encourage passion and aggression.

If someone’s aura is red, it could suggest that they have high levels of physical energy, or perhaps they’re feeling strong emotions of anger and aggression. They’re perhaps in the process of seeking materialistic possessions.

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue is calming, reserved, intuitive and deep thinking. Blue aura color also has connections to the truth, building two way trust is very important to that person.

Having a blue aura may suggest someone is relaxed, composed, and thinking clearly. It may also suggest they have good helpful intentions.

Green Aura Meaning

Green Aura Meaning.

Green aura has strong connections to nature, physical healing and the earth. They’re a naturally emotional and caring person. However, sometimes those emotions can go out of control and can turn negative, like jealousy.

People with a green aura color will have a strong connection to nature, peacefulness, and perhaps they’re in the process of healing in some way, or they have the potential to heal others.

Yellow Aura Meaning

Yellow is connected to mental energy, positive thinking, and creativity. It also emits friendly, playful, and optimistic energies.

Someone with a yellow aura color is feeling positive and happy with a great deal of freedom in some form. Strong analytical or tactical thinking may also be a reason for a yellow aura.

Purple Aura Meaning

Purple Aura Meaning.

A purple aura is sensitive, spiritual, and intuitive. Purple has strong connections to psychic abilities.

If someone’s aura is purple, they’re probably deep in spiritual or perhaps unconventional thinking. It may also suggest some form of creativity is at work.

Orange Aura Meaning

Orange is very energetic, physically and mentally. Orange is also strongly connected to being and needing a great deal of social interaction.

Orange aura color suggests high energy, physical and/or mental energy. It could also possibly suggest they’re highly motivated, confident, and sociable.

White Aura Meaning

White Aura Meaning.

White aura is the rarest of all. Only those who are extremely spiritual have a white aura.

Someone who has a white aura is absolute in their spiritual or religious beliefs. It suggests a good and pure temperament with a genuine desire to unselfishly help others.

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